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submitted by Kythiraismos, Newspaper on 04.12.2006

Harry Leondarakis (Londy)

10 April 1924 — 6 September 2006 (82 years)

Harry Leondarakis, known as Harry Londy was horn on the 10th April 1924 in Fratsia, Kythera to Mihali and Vreti Leondarakis. Harry was the oldest of eight children, brother to John, Maria, Eleni, Kalliope, Stamatoula, Jimmy and Theodoroula.

Born into a poor family, as the oldest son he started work­ing at a young age to provide for his family. He would recall at 11 years of age that he would wear baggy shorts below the knees and as he would make this way to work the other kids would laugh and call him names. One day Harry sorted things out in his own way and they never made fun of him again. Harry arrived in Australia in September 1952 without being able to speak a word of English. Looking forward his first ]ob was a cook at The Londys Cafe in Ipswich and at the time he couldn't even boil water.

Harry was a shy man and did not like to inconvenience people. On one occasion he visited friends at Redcliffe and they asked Harry if he had eaten. Harry, being the shy per­son he was replied - “I have already eaten”. They made him coffee but Harry was quietly getting very hungry. He quickly excused himself saying he needed to leave for another com­miitment then he went around the corner and bought some pies to eat.

In 1958 Harry moved to Bundaberg where he opened his first business, The Kiosk at Bargara. Harry being the gener­ous person that he was, would treat children to lollies and this was something he continued to do through out his working life. One day a Senior Sergeant saw him offer loilies to his chil­dren and said to Harry “Now I understand why my children always want to come and visit you".

Harry was well known in Bundaberg and made close freinds over the years he lived there. Knowing the boys in blue, and Harry being the cheeky character he was, would drive around town without a license.

Harry married Stella Peters on the 15th January 1961 and they went to Greece for 9 months for their honeymoon. Shortly after, they began their family by welcoming their first child Michael in 1962, and then Theo came along in 1964. Finally their daughter Vicki was born 1969. In 1970 Harry and his family moved from Bundaberg where they began their new life in Brisbane.

Harry lived his life working hard to provide for his family. Over the many take-away shops Harry had through the years there were many adventures to be had. Who could forget the time when one of Harry’ s regular customers came into the shop and she asked for a packet of meds. Stella had been out shopping at the time and Harry was on his own. As his En­glish was limited he did not understand what she was asking for. He replied “what do you use them for?” The lady be­came very embarrassed and said “Never mind Harry. I will see Stclla later”.

It gave Harry much joy to see all of his children marry and start families of their own. Harry was an honest, hard work­ing, loving and caring man who enjoyed spending time with his children arid grandchildren. He loved his family and friends and enjoyed a good game of backgammon and a serious game of prefa. Throughout his life he niaintained a good sense of humour and would constantly joke with family and freinds.

Harry was also a religious man who enjoyed attending church on a regular basis. He enjoyed reading and learning about the saints and the miracles they perforrned. After 1996, Harry and Stclla would try to travel to Greece every year to visit his brothers and sisters. Whilst in Greece it was not un­usual for Harry to walk at least 10 to 20 miles per day. He enjoyed fishing, hunting for hares, and setting traps for birds.

Harry led a full and happy life and is now resting in Gods care, watching over us. We will always be grateful to have had the opportunity for Harry to have been part of our lives. Harry will he greatly missed by all his family and friends.

Was laid to rest on Tuesday 12 Septemher 2006 at Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, and buried in Mt Gravatt Cemetery.

Our sympathy to his wife Stella, his children Michael and Fereniki Leondarakis, Theodore and Maria Leondarakis, Vicki and Harry Leondarakis and grandchildren Stamatiki, Marina, Stephanie, Matthew, Angelina.

Kytheraismos, November 2006, page 12.

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