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submitted by Rose Rasmussen-Tzortzopoulou on 19.01.2008

The untimely passing away of Athens Tzortzopoulos

It is almost seven months since the death of my second eldest sister Athens(Athina)Tzortzopoulos,however it still seems like only yesterday that Athens passed away.Athens was born in Australia and was the daughter of Nikolaos(kytherian) and Patricia(australian)Tzortzopoulos.In 1978,we moved to Greece and after to Kythera to live.Our eldest sister Angela stayed in Australia and our youngest brother George was born some years later on Kythera.Athens was only 46 years old when she died on that Friday morning and leaves behind her parents,her sisters:Angela,Leone,Sophia,Rose also her brothers:Eleftherios(Lucky)and George and her husband Fotis.It is very difficult to sum another`s life up in words however "a good person" comes to mind when thinking of Athens along with:kind, polite, loving,generous,funny and many many more adjectives like those could describe my sister.Athens died on 29th June 2007,is laid to rest in Karava and is greatly missed.

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submitted by
Nicholas Megalokonomos
on 01.01.2010

She was a loving caring aunty and a great person. When i was at greece we use to do alot of things together and she loved songs and animals. She was so funny when we use to play cards i will never forget my great aunty Athens who was so wonderful.