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submitted by Jim Comino on 04.08.2006

Theodore Minas Comino [Palavras]

Theodore Minas Comino was in the Greek Navy like many joining young in Greece .He left Greece in 1924 to come to Australia landing in WeeWaa NSW to work with the Partnership of Big and Little Andrew there. He joined the RAAF from Warialda serving in New Guinea, and later went to Merriwa after the wars end, married an Australian woman Hazel Donnelly and had five children Martina Maria Michael Leslie and Ellanie.
Hazel passed away in 1973 and Theo went back to Kythera Greece to settle his parents properties there. He returned again later for unknown reasons but returned to Australia to live out his life here. He passed away at age 95 in Inverel and is buried in Merriwa next to his wife Hazel in the Catholic section there.

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