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submitted by Stella Aird (nee, Kelly) on 22.12.2005

Hamish Jack Aird, with cousin ..........Ulgiati.

Hamish Jack Aird, with cousin ..........Ulgiati.
Copyright (0000) Stella Aird

Hamish was born on 14.10.05.

Parents are Jonathan and Michelle Aird.

Ms Ulgiati is the daughter of Eleyna and Jonathon's elder sister, Kristi.

Father of Hamish, Jonathon, is the only son of proud parents Stella Aird (nee, Kelly), and David Aird, originally from Scotland.

Stella, in turn, is the daughter of Chris(anthe) Kelly (nee, Yeoryopoulos), from Potamos, Kythera.

Chris and her husband, Paul Kelly, owned the ABC Cafe, Gilgandra, for many decades.

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