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submitted by Stephen Samios on 08.04.2006

Peter Prineas unveiling photographs of the Roxy, Bingara founders.

Peter Prineas unveiling photographs of the Roxy, Bingara founders.
Copyright (2006) Stephen Samios

Peter Prineas, grandson of Peter
Feros of Peters & Co., the firm that built the Bingara Roxy, unveils a plaque and photo display dedicated to the founders. Roxy Theatre, Bingara, 70th anniversary celebrations, Saturday April 1, 2006

The unveiling coincided with the launch of the book, Katsehamos and the Great Idea.

More photographs, pp.107-114, in Katsehamos and the Great Idea.

Photo's left to right, then proceeding clockwise:

Left: Peter Feros Katsehamos (left) and George Psaltis Katsavias. Bingara, 1920's.

Top: Roxy Theatre interior, Bingara, 1936, view to back.

Right: Emmanuel Theodropoulos Aronis (Emanuel Aroney), Bingara, 1920's.

Bottom: The Roxy Theatre with unfinished facade, and Peters and Co.'s cafe and shops. Bingara, April 1936.



Bingara’s Roxy Theatre was founded by
Peter Feros, George Psaltis and Emanuel Aroney.
The three men came to Australia from the Greek Island of Kythera in the early 1920s and formed the cafe partnership of Peters & Co, Bingara.
The Roxy Theatre opened on Saturday March 28, 1936 to a packed house.
Mr George Psaltis addressed the crowd on behalf of Peters & Co. and
“expressed his appreciation of the support of the people of Bingara and district, whose friendship and encouragement had given them the inspiration to carry on in the face of all the obstacles that had beset them. They were but the servants of the people and they were out to give them the utmost value for money, both in entertainment and service.”

Mr GEORGE COSMAS PROTOPSALTIS, now in his nineties, gave a speech at the unveiling, about the qualities of the founders, and their hard work ethic. George came to Australia at the age of 14 in 1928.

George Cosmas Protospsaltis leaving Kythera as a youth

He worked in cafes in Armidale, and other country towns. He was a partner at the Golden Bell Cafe in Barraba in the late 1930s, a business which was previously owned by Peters & Co., the firm which built the Roxy. George was the only person present who knew personally. the three partners of Peters & Co.

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Peter Feros's descendants

Descendants and freinds of Roxy Theatre founder, Peter Feros

The book is available from the publisher,
Plateia Press,
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and also from Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW, 2037 and selected bookshops.

Katsehamos and the Great Idea is also available in the New England and Northwest region of NSW, from the Roxy Theatre, Maitland Street, Bingara.
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