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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 22.08.2005

Coronakes/Crethary Wedding, Lismore 1946

Coronakes/Crethary Wedding, Lismore 1946
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This was the social event of the year in Lismore, with many curious citizens gathering at St Andrews Church of England to watch the mysterious rituals of a Greek wedding, being orchestrated by Fr J. Evangelinides of Sydney. Over 300 guests gathered at the Apollo Hall afterwards, partying into the wee hours under the influence of cool jazz provided by the famous Kewpie Harris Band. And all reported with a half page spread in the Northern Star.

Standing L to R:
Nick Peter Crethary of Lismore, Mrs J. Gleeson of Coffs Harbour, Steve Angus of Murwillumbah, Peter Cassimatis of Lismore and Murwillumbah, Chris (?) Coroneo of Gunning, Annie Coroneo of Gunning, Peter John Crithary of Woodenbong, Spiro Alex Coronakes of Lismore, Matina Peter Crethary of Lismore, Peter John Coroneo of Lismore and Ballina, Mary (Muriunthi) Peter Crethary of Lismore, Leo John Coroneo of Kyogle and Ballina, Mark Minas Cassimatis of Murwillumbah, Stan Gleeson of Kyogle, Mrs Katina Stan Gleeson (nee Coroneo) of Kyogle, Con Stan Gleeson of Kyogle
Sitting L to R:
Mrs Zafiro George Poulos (nee Crethar), John Peter Crethary, Mrs Anna Peter Crethary (nee Coroneo), Sylvia Stan Gleeson of Kyogle, Helen Nick Crethar of Casino, Effie Peter Cooley of Lismore, Peter Nick Crethary of Lismore, Mrs Fofo Peter Crithary (nee Crethary) of Woodenbong, Mattie Gleeson of Coffs Harbour.

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