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submitted by Stella Aird (nee, Kelly) on 15.09.2005

ABC Cafe, Gilgandra. 1940's.

ABC Cafe, Gilgandra. 1940's.
Copyright (0000) Kelly Family

A very luxurious fit-out.

Note the marble-top tables.

It is an almost exact fit-out to the Notaras's Marble Bar Cafe in Grafton, NSW.

Marble Bar Cafe, Grafton, NSW

For further information on the ABC cafe:

Robyn Waltons appraisal of my mothers' and the ABC Cafe's influence on the town of Gilgandra

A comprehensive history of the Kytherian presence in Gilgandra

ABC cafe in the late 1950's, with Paul Kelly and George Lorandos "on the counter"

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