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submitted by Stella Aird (nee, Kelly) on 15.09.2005

ABC Cafe, Gilgandra. Late 1950's.

ABC Cafe, Gilgandra. Late 1950's.
Copyright (0000) Kelly Family

Left to right, behind the counter.

Paul Kelly (Yiannakellis)
Fay (?)
Stan (?)
George Lorandos Farouk

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submitted by
George Poulos
on 15.09.2005

How tastes and fashion change. Note the cigarette holder in the background. It was very "sophisticated" to smoke through a cigarette holder. Note also the combs. Every red-blooded male had a comb in his back pocket. Rows of individual lollies - all sold - and unfortunately for second generation Greek children working in shops - dispensed one at a time if required. Cafes also carried lots of chocolates in boxes and in bars. Coke, was the drink of first choice.

submitted by
Alan Riley
on 12.07.2006

For photograph 102 in the Photography Diaspora - Cafes, shops and cinemas the names were Paul Kelly, Fay ?, Stan ? and George Lorandus Farouk, the person Fay ? is Fay Spencer - her mother used to have the Fish & Chip shop and Taxi in Miller Street. The Fish & Chip shop at that time was where Noonan's Jewellery shop used to be (now vacant).