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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 22.04.2010

Kytherian Australians from the surrounding district

Kytherian Australians from the surrounding district
Copyright (2010) Sandy McNaughton

visit the Roxy, Bingara.

A number of Greek-Australians (and Kytherian-Australians) attended a "tour" of the Roxy Theatre, and a luncheon, on the weekend of 13th & 14th March.

They included, photo from left - right:

George Kallitsis, John Calokerinos, Judy Gianneas, Peter Gianneas, Dorothy Fardouly, Con Fardouly, Paul Calokerinos.

Peter Gianneas owned the Black and Green Bar, and then Pete's Place, Inverell.

George Kallitsis, owns Universal Commercial and Catering Equipment - Newtown and Barraba.

Paul Calokerinos owns the Canberra Cafe, Manilla.

They were all stunned by the monetary investment expended on the Roxy Theatre, by the beauty of the building, by the "reverence" that many residents of the town have for the Theatre, and the Greek-Australian heritage preserved there. They were also deeply appreciative of Sandy McNaughtons hospitality.

Con Fardouly was moved to write a letter of appreciation

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