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submitted by George Poulos on 25.10.2004

Melitas Carpark - Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia.

Melitas Carpark - Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia.
Copyright (2004) George Poulos

All the major carparks in Gunnedah, NSW, are named after Kytherians, as a mark of respect for the impact they had on the growth and development of the town.

Kytherians, and Greek-Australians generally, are held in very high esteem in the town of Gunnedah.

This sign heralds the Melitas Carpark, and both their' - and "Gunnedah's" Kytherian and Greek heritage.

The Melitas Car Park is located in Little Conadilly Street.

[There exists some confusion with the spelling of the name.
Peter Tsicalas notes that the spelling in the 1916 Greek census was:

Mellitas, James, 32, Restaurateur, Gunnedah.

Mellitas, Peter, 15, Waiter, Coonabarabran.

The bold lettering over the Acropolis Cafe, as it stands today is clearly - Mellita. {See photograph, this section, or search under Acropolis}.

The Council of Gunnedah has spelt the name Melitas.]

For a more extensive history of the impact of the Melitas family on Gunnedah, use the internal search engine of the site to search under Melitas, Mellitas, or Gunnedah.

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