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submitted by George Poulos on 28.04.2004

Roxy Theatre, Bingara, NSW - OFFICIAL OPENING

Roxy Theatre, Bingara, NSW - OFFICIAL OPENING
Copyright (2004) George Poulos

The Roxy Theatre, the magnificent art deco Cinema at Bingara, in north western New South Wales, Australia, was established by three Kytherians.

Peter John Feros, Katsehamos, (Mitata)
George Ernest (Proto)Psaltis, Katsavias, (Frilingianika), and
Emanuel Theodoropoulos Aronis, known as Emmanuel Aroney, (Aroniadika)

The three of them together were known as Peters and Co. Peters and Co signs are still displayed on the shop fronts of numerous former Kytherian cafes throughout NSW.

The Roxy Theatre opened on Saturday evening 28 March, 1936.

At great expense, this magnificent Art Deco Theatre, has been restored to its former pristine elegance.

This picture of the interior, looking West to the temporary screen (a huge rear-projection monitor, using digital technology) - cannot convey the beauty of this civic space.

Only a visit to the Roxy could ever do that. You just "have to be there" - You just "have to go there."


Cinema: Community Cinema Forum at the restored Roxy

On the weekend of 28-30 May 2004, the newly restored Roxy Theatre in Bingara (150 kms north of Tamworth) will be officially opened for film screenings, live theatre and a range of other community activities, after several years of refurbishment and redevelopment. The theatre will be officially opened at a ceremony on Saturday 29, followed by a showcase of live theatre from around the region.

As part of this special weekend of celebrations, the FTO is coordinating a mini-Regional Cinema forum, in the spirit of their highly successful Flicks in the Sticks workshop series. The forum, running from 3.00pm on Friday 28 May, will include presentations from representatives of four very different community cinema projects in the North West region - Gunnedah, Narrabri, Tenterfield and Nundle.

The event will conclude with drinks and a BBQ dinner for participants and a special community screening of the multi-award winning Australian film, Lantana.

The classic art deco Roxy has been restored to its former glory by the local Council, the Friends of the Roxy, Bingara Arts Council and the North West Theatre group, with assistance from the NSW Ministry for the Arts and Commonwealth government funding. Its re-opening as a cinema, as well as a venue for live theatre, forms part of an ongoing program in NSW to improve access to cinema and film for regional and rural communities. The Roxy is one of many cinemas around NSW that has been restored and reopened as a community cultural facility.

Representatives of regional cinema projects, film societies and community screenings from around NSW are encouraged to attend the afternoon forum and evening screening, to find out more about the NSW regional cinema revival and meet others involved in this movement. To obtain further information or a program for the event (RSVPs are encouraged for planning and catering purposes), please contact Brendan Smith, Regional Cinema Officer at the FTO on 1300 556 386 (toll free) or 02 9264 6400 or via email


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