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submitted by Kiriaki Orfanos on 06.01.2005

Andrew Simos. National Volleyballer.

Andrew Simos. National Volleyballer.
Copyright (2000) Maria Simos-Levounes

Andrew Simos, is the son of Con and Maria (nee, Levounes) Simos.
He has two sisters, Irene and Katina.

Andrew is an Olympic standard volleyball player, and has had an international career.

In the year 2000, he ws chosen to be a member of the Australian volleyball team, but missed playing, due to an injury to his shoulder.

For a more detailed history of the Levounes family from Potamos, and the Simos family, see the entry by Maria Simos-Levounes. My Story., in History, subsection, Oral History.

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