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submitted by DAILY TELEGRAPH on 27.07.2005

Chippy's grant awarded to Sydney medical team.

Chippy's grant awarded to Sydney medical team.
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Dr Brett Garner and Maureen Frilingos.

Chippy’s grant awarded to Sydney team

The inaugural Peter Frilin­gos Heart Foundation Re­search Grant was awarded to Sydney doctor Brett Garner yesterday.

The Daily Telegraph, 2GB and the National Rugby League helped raise more than $70,000 for the Heart Foundation in memory of chief rugby league writer Peter “Chippy” Frillngos, who died of a heart attack at his desk in May last year.
Dr Garner and his research­ers from the University of NSW will use the grant to develop drugs that promote cholesterol removal from the arteries.
Mr Frilin­gos’ widow, Maureen, sel­ected the re­search pro­ject winner.

Daily Tele­graph editor David Penber­thy said yesterday, it was an honour to help fight heart disease in Chippys memory.
“He was a mentor to a gen­eration of sports writers, a wit with words and a friend to everyone here,” he said.
“Every year over 50,000 Aust­ralIans die after a heart attack. Chippy was one of those and he was the one we all knew, so it makes us proud that we do something in his name that will make a difference to heart disease in the future.
“If there was anything Chippy didn’t like, it was people mak­ing a fuss of him. He will be looking at us now, saying:
"Turn It up! Stop gibberlng and get on with it."

Daily Telegraph, Sydney. Wednesday, July 27, 2005. p.18.

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