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submitted by George Poulos on 26.05.2004

Foreword - Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, an Autobiography

Foreword - Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, an Autobiography
Copyright (2004) Biological Therapies

Dr. Ian Dettman Ph.D. (Biochem),
F.R.M.I.T. (Microbiol, Biochem, Genetics), ND.

............Dr Archie Kalokerinos is a gentle, sensitive, dedicated man. He has not sought personal gain as the prime motive for the help he has given to his fellow human beings. Even now, well into his 70’s, he still gives his time
freely to help people that he believes are being treated unfairly.

............Like all of us, Archie can become outraged at injustice and he becomes especially angry when young infants may be dying because of ignorance and/or bureaucratic blindness by some areas of the medical establishment. Not only did Archie perceive poor health and injustice in the Aboriginal community, he
vigorously pursued the truth behind its causes.

............Dr Kalokerinos challenged not only government officials but the very
foundations of modern medicine. His acute powers of observation and persistent
determination to evaluate situations honestly and fairly led of course to a
great deal of conflict in his professional life.

............This is an exciting book. It tells of the early days of Greek migrant struggle, of his adventures at medical school and early understanding of
bureaucratic bungles and cover up by some medical incompetents. The seeds are
sown in these early years for the adventures (truly spectacular “Hollywood”
style) to come.

............His disillusionment with the medical establishment was reinforced when
they refused to believe or to do anything about the extremely high rate of infant death amongst the Aboriginal population. He searched for answers, and despite practicing all the university based medicine he was taught, the children (mainly Aborigines) continued to die.

............His disenchantment with these medical outcomes led him to postpone his
medical career. He went to seek his fortune as an opal miner. Like all aspects of his life, Archie developed a deep understanding of opals and opal
mining. In fact he became a world expert in opals and has authored some books on the subject. However, even in this area of life, his honesty and sense of fair play were set to lead him into some of the biggest adventures in his
life. Because of his medical doctor status some of the villains involved in a
multimillion dollar opal robbery confided in him, and he eventually became a victim of their wrath.

............During this opal mining time, Archie started to solve the jigsaw puzzle
of the high rate of Aboriginal death. He returned to medicine and started another enthralling series of events. Archie and Dr Glen Dettman (Medical Scientist) became inseparable at this stage in solving many of the complex medical issues surrounding the high rate of Aboriginal infant death. Vitamin C was found to be a critical factor. Archie and Glen travelled the world several times and shared their experiences at many international conferences. They
befriended many notable scientists and doctors including Professor Linus Pauling (the only man to have won two unshared Noble Prizes), Dr Frederick Klenner (physician extraordinare), Dr Irwin Stone (a very astute Medical Scientist who championed the understanding of the requirements for Vitamin C
supplements), Dr Robert Cathcart (a very notable Orthopaedic Surgeon who invented the modified prosthetic hip, and later went on to become intensely involved in nutritional therapies), Dr Bob Erdmann, Dr Roy Kupsinell and Dr Wendell Belfield (a very experienced and successful orthomolecular veterinarian who has authored several books) and many others.

............Because of the perserverence of Dr Kalokerinos he successfully reduced
the Aboriginal infant death rate from virtually every second child who presented with some risk factor, to zero. He kept these records of the reduction in the mortality rate for 10 years. But still, many Health Authorities with predetermined bigoted concepts that Vitamin C was only good for preventing scurvy, refused to believe him.

............I recommend this book to all sections of the population. It’s full of excitement. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will have you
not wanting to put the book down right to the very end.

Recently, Dr Kalokerinos has been awarded Greek Australian of the Century by the very notable and considerable Greek Community in Australia. Furthermore, it has been suggested that he may be in line for an Australian Medical Doctor of the
Century award. Why he has not been granted a formal award by the Australian
Government for his discoveries and achievements I cannot understand.

............God bless Dr Kalokerinos, he is a courageous man, one whose discoveries, I believe, have saved countless lives. Furthermore his message of correcting some very basic nutritional deficiencies (especially Vitamin C) will eventually become enshrined in basic medical doctrine.

Ian Dettman Ph.D.

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