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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 31.07.2014

1st august .... agia ellessa

1st august .... agia ellessa
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for the Greek Australians currently on kythera tomorrow is a very significant day on the island , the celebration of agia ellessa , so instead of going to beaches , going to out to all hours of the night, sitting in platias having coffee , bragging on Facebook, who owns what land, houses etc, taking photos from the air , diving for buried treasure in the ocean , dancing in villages, go up the mountain to agia ellessa and attend the church service up there in the morning, apart from a very moving service , the views from there are magnificent , unfortunately as the years go by less people are attending the church services on the island and in years to come no one will be attending these special days , agia ellese is one of the saints of the island and should be recognized by all kytherians .... do you self a favour and attend these church services they are a very big make up of the island .... xpona polla !

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