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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 31.08.2015


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just a reminder to some people that kythera in august is not only packed dances, with local and imported bands, souvalki,loads of happy children, dancing their feet off, blistering hot days with water springs to provide relief, markets, concerts ,movies, rain and swimming... also there are many wonderful and moving church services to attend which a lot of Greek Australians seem not to attend , its a shame really because even if you are not a religious person these mornings can be very moving and they are a part of the kytherian and Greek heritage for many many years .. in years to come no one will be attending these wonderful kytherian church services as it is mainly the over 60 years of age that attend , so apart from the above past times on the island with making movies , taking photos from the air , diving for ship wrecks etc , consider the values of the island and respect and attend our wonderful churches on the island

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