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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 14.12.2008

Geographical Location of the Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. At Ayios Theothoros.

Geographical Location of the Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. At Ayios Theothoros.
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The "Tent Project" is the most exciting Kytherian Project since the advent of If it is realized, it will have equally powerful positive ramifications for unifying Kytherians around the world. Particularly Kytherian youth. It is a mega-project of great quality.

This can be ascertained immediately by perusing the Plans for Σκηνια:

002 St Theodoros Camp PLANS.pdf

A double-sided colour print-out on 140gsm (or greater gsm) high quality paper provides a beautiful document.

Geographical Location of the Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. At Ayios Theothoros. - 002 Skinia Project Plans page 1

Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. Exterior Plans

Geographical Location of the Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. At Ayios Theothoros. - 002 Skinia Project Plans page 2

Skinia Σκηνια (Tent) Project. Floor & Ground Plans

The purpose of Σκηνια is to create an accommodation and recreation facility for children and young adults from the island of Kythera, Greece, and the rest of the world. There they will engage in sports, ecological, heritage and cultural activities. The purpose of providing the accommodation under tents is to appeal to children’s and young adults sense of adventure. All the rest of the facilities (See 1-7 on the Plan) are fixed and enclosed structures.

The plan includes at (10) a Sports field – one of the facilities desperately required by children and young adults on Kythera.

The facility will be located on (separate) Church land 68.25 metres from the border that surrounds the Monastery of Ayios Theothoros. (See Document, 002 Location of Skinia (1).pdf).

The area of the land is 14305,05 sq.m. (ie 14 stremmata)
The land on which Σκηνια will be built is unencumbered by mortgage.
The building is 153 m2.

The Monastery of Ayios Theothoros, is located on the main central road between the towns of Potamos & Aroniathika. (See detailed colour map on Document 002 Ayios Theothoros Colour Map Location.jpg).

There are many photographs of Ayios Theothoros on kythera-family.


Ayios Theothoros, Entrance building

Ayios Theothoros, wide angle view

The concept is the brain-child of Father Petros Mariatos. Father Petros is the resident priest of the church oft the Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Ilariotissa in Potamos. It is good that you become better acquainted with him. See photo’s of him at:

Father Petros Mariatos

Doctor Priest

With the Archbishop of Kythera, 2005 (far right)

The title Doctor Priest, indicates that Father Petros was formally a surgeon at the Hospital of Potamos. He received a “religious calling” later in life. To this day he ministers to his congregation’s physical, as well as their metaphysical needs.

His contact details are:

Father Mariatos

++30 2736033339 (only after 21:30 hours)
++302736033330 (usually between 20:00-21:00)

and mobile: ++306977595869

The superb concept called Σκηνια was designed by Father Petros’s son, Andreas Mariatos, and his design team.

Andreas and his young associates, have a large and booming Architecture practice in Athens.

10683 ATHENS

TEL 210 8820665

Email, Andreas Mariatos

They work from a large well appointed office, located just a few blocks south of the offices of the Triffyleio Foundation, the Kytherian Society of Athens, and the Society of Kytherian Studies.

Andreas Mariatos (right), and his young associate Theothori

Andreas and his associates have revolutionised the way architecture is practiced both in Athens, and on the island of Kythera. See many photo’s of the brilliant Gerakari Accomodation development at, and around

Mariatos designed Gerakari Project

This design features in the Kytherian Development Agency’s photograph montage pages 12-15, as do other Mariatos designs. You will receive a colour copy of the Kytherian Development Agency’s brochure shortly.

All architectural and engineering work on the Σκηνια project has been donated free of charge.

Free building material and labour has also been promised by many builders and building suppliers on the island.

The timing of construction has been set out in Stages. No stage will proceed without the finance in place.

This is a sophisticated development plan, as per the Gerakari development, and numerous other developments managed by the Mariatos team.

The total cost of the construction is 170,000 €’s.

As of mid September the Σκηνια project had attracted about 67,000 €’s of donations. I am unsure what the December total is.

Most of these donations have been collected on the island. The residents of Kythera have obviously embraced the concept wholeheartedly. It is now time for the eksoteriki to become involved.

You can donate by attending any Bank and quoting the IBAN number below, for the National Bank of Greece.

IBAN: GR95011038000000380/605180-40

The Kytherian World Heritage Fund assessment:

This is a mega-project that most of us, who understand Kythera, have previously only dared to dream about. Soon that dream will become a reality.

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