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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 18.06.2004

Greek Parade Lismore 1940-46

Greek Parade Lismore 1940-46
Copyright (0000) Brinos Notaras

Brinos thinks this photo was taken at a major function/ceremony in Lismore during or shortly after WW2.
Portion of the Grafton contingent numbered as follows:
1. Anthony Lambrinos Notaras
2. Nick Langley (Anastasopoulos)
3. Peter Arthur Bernard (Venardos)
4. John Lambrinos Notaras
5. Theo Lambrinos Notaras
6. Jack Paul Moulos

Can anyone confirm the occasion and/or the other participants?

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submitted by
Betty Summers (nee, Notaras)
on 27.01.2005

182:My brother Mitchell informs me that the man holding the wreath at the front of the group is Peter Crithary, of Lismore, who incidentally had the first air-conditioned cafe in NSW.