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submitted by George Poulos on 07.10.2004

Nicholas Glytsos.

Nicholas Glytsos.
Copyright (2004) Nicholas Glytsos.

Nicholas Glytsos addressing the September 2004 Conference in Kythera organised by the open University of Kythera municipality, the University of Athens and La Trobe University.

There were two conferences in September, 2004, in Kythera. The first one had the theme 'Kytherian Migration: Historic Diaspora and Contemporary Massive Population Movements' . It was organised by the Open University of Kythera Municipality, the University of Athens and La Trobe University, 16-19 September.

This photograph was taken at this conference.

The second was the 'First International Symposium of Kytheraismos' with the theme: 'Kytherian Identity'. It was organised by the Institute of Kytheraismos, 24-26 September.

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