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Peter Makarthis


This memorable photo was taken at Karavas, October 2003. Would some famous/infamous or otherwise Karaviti, identify the statue that is visible in the foreground?

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George Poulos
on 04.07.2004

Mr Patrikios, had migrated to Egypt as a young boy. He lived in Horianika. He became a major property owner in Egypt. He donated the funds to set up the Agricultural School, before the second world war. As a result of the German invasion the currency collapsed, and the funds dried up. George Politis, father of Nick Politis, was the first Yioponos (Principal) of the Agricultural School in Karavas. Con George Poulos, and Angie Tr. Poulos.

George Poulos
on 09.10.2004

To honour the original benefactor, Karavitithes always refer to the building at the "Patriko skolio", "Patrikios's school" - despite the fact that it has not been used as an agricultural school for many decades.

Peter Vanges
on 06.06.2006

The Patrikios Agricultural College at Karavas, was built in 1934-1935.