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Stephen Trifyllis

the castle !

just past the village of mylopotamos and down to the village of kato chora, you will find one of the main past fortresses of kythera [ the others are the settlement of paliochora  and  at chora ],on the left of this photo is the castle of kato chora with the village next to the castle , some of the buildings like houising , churches are in good condition considering the age of the settlement , you can also witness the various additions from differant rulers of the island throughout the history of kythera ... you can also walk through some of the streets of the fortress and see how people lived in proctected walls of the castle, when the turkish pirate era ended a new village started next to the castle  ... another feature is the wonderful summer sunset you get from the castle late in the afternoon .. go and have a look for yourself one summers evening its magnificent ..

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