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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 06.04.2013

The Petrochilos Family. Hora, Kythera.

The Petrochilos Family. Hora, Kythera.
Copyright (2013) Takis Efstathiou

Standing, left. Professor Kleomemes (Menis) Petrochilos
Standing, right. Takis Efsathiou

Seated, left to right:

Andreas Papadopoulos (family friend from Aronthianika)
Eleni Petrochilos-Psychogiou - sister
Dimitra Petrochilos-Konstantinou, Keomemes' aunt
Spyros Petrochilos Kleomemes' (late) father
Maria Petrochilos Kleomemes' (late) mother

The family owns the house of Rosa Kassimatis, mother to Lafcadio Hearn.

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submitted by
Rebecca Messina
on 13.12.2014

Is anyone in your Petrohelios family familiar, or knowledge of Kalliopi Petroheiliou Leontarakis, from Fratsia. Searching for any info and possibly a photo of my (paternal) grandmother. Lovely photo of your handsome family. THANK YOU. Rebecca Leontarakis Messina, USA.