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James Prineas

Yanni and Katina

Yanni and Katina Feros on their 3-wheeled jalopy during the mid-1980s. They were a lovely couple, full of energy and life. From their garden in Paliopoly they harvested wonderful fruit and vegetables which they sold on the platia in Hora most days of the summer. Yanni was enormously strong. He suffered I believe from extreme arthritis and had a major problem with his legs. Even though they were amputated above the knee a few years after this photo, he still was active in his garden, draging himself, spade in hand, along on padded elbows. Yanni died a few years ago - I think in 2001.

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Maria Loupis
on 14.04.2006

the woman in the photo is my thia katina.She is my mothers sister.My mum has another sister Anna who is her twin sister.