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Peter Trearchis

Yiannis Melitas with class in Potamos, Kythera

This is a picture of Yiannis Melitas with his class in Potamos. The writing translates as-
Picture of Yiannis Melitas with students of the Public School of Potamos.
Play performed during Holiday of Panagia (August 15, 1947).

Yiannis was my grandmother Efrosini (Trifillis) Trearchis' first cousin, Yiannis' aunt being Efrosini's mother.

Anyone with any info on Yiannis, his ancestry, or his children would be great. By the way does anyone know who any of the children in this photo are?

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Helen Kalos
on 16.10.2005

The young boy on the far right is Stavros Mavromatis. Tragically, not long after this photograph was taken he was killed in a car accident. The young girl on the far left of the photograph is myself, Helen Kalos (nee, Yeoryopoulos).

Helen Kalos
on 17.10.2005

Details of all the children in the photograph - from Left to Right are as follows: 1. Helen Kalos, (nee, Yeoryopoulos). 2. Pelagia Souris, from Ayia Pelagia. She lives in Greece, and has a brother Tassos in Brisbane. 3. Chrissa Stelliou, Hasapi's daughter from Potamos. Parachoukli Louris. [Sister-in-law of Poppy Stellios in Canberra.] 4. Mandi Treachis. Her mother was a Megaloconomos, sister to the mother of Mitchell, Angelo, John, Irene and Betty, from Grafton. 5. Katina Psalitha. Lives in Potamos, and is married to George Kastrissios. Parachoukli Skorthos. 6. Eleni Haliori. Married a Levounis. 7. Small child on Eleni's shoulders, is the daughter of the teacher. Eleni Melitas. Married to a Conomos, from Arios, (near Mylopotamos) Kythera. 8. Irini Zantiotis. Married to Bubi Michalakakis. Lives in Potamos. Parachoukli Tiskalus. 9. Matina Zaaniotis. (Sister of Irini). Married Grigori (Greg) Frilingos. (Own a bakery in the Fish Markets, Sydney.) 10. Stavroula Bouzelakis. Married Angelis Tambakis. Lives in Greece. 11. Eriphili Baveas. Daughter of Stavros Baveas, who was in Gilgandra, at the ABC Cafe pre-WWII. Erophili daughter Anastassia married Harry Cassimatis, and they live in Australia. 12. Anastasia Baveas (sister of Eriphili). Married Michali Megalaconomos. [Both sisters live in Kythera.] 13. Stavros Mavromatis.