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George Poulos

The road to Lourandianika, from a position above Kato Livathi

The photograph of this signpost has been added here in response to a plea in the Sept 2008 Newsletter, from Maria (Marcellos) Whyte.

Maria's email here

"I respectfully ask for any assistance my fellow Kytherians may be able to give me, as a tribute to my family, not to allow Louradianika be forgotten. I have no photos, only memories which are as vivid today, as they were when I was a girl of 15, but I would like to share this village of happy memories with my fellow Kytherians".

There is only one entry road to the village of Lourandianika, because about 50 metres past the small church of Ayios Yeoryi the road ends.

Although it is not clear from the photograph, the road runs off to Lourandianika on an angle at the signpost, (and not on the same plane as Firi Ammos and Kalamos).

View of the signpost from behind and above, towards Kato Livathi

Map showing clearly the turnoff down to Lourandianika

The church of Ayios Yeoryi is small, but extremely well maintained. I had not read the Newsletter at the time I visited, so I did not not look carefully for, or at, the gravesites around the church.

Church of Ayios Yeoryios, Lourandianika. View Facing North

Church of Ayios Yeoryios, Lourandianika. View Facing South

Church of Ayios Yeoryios, Lourandianika. View across the rooftop at sunset

Cousin Theo Poulos and I were stunned by the quality of the fully sealed tarred road that leads to this cul-de-sac. If every road on the island was sealed to this quality, then.....

There are about 5 houses in the village. We met the elderly residents who live in the last well maintained traditional cottage.

House at the end of the road in Lourandianika

Elderly male. Lourandianika. 2008

The elderly lady declined to be photographed.

Frontage of the last house on the road to Lourandianika

Ruined House. Towards the end of the road leading to Lourandianika

Looking into the ruined house, Lourandianika

Stable wall at sunset. Lourandianika, 2008

The second last house on the left as you drive to the Church is quite large, modern, and extremely well maintained. Unfortunately by the time we went to photograph it, the night had set it, and our photographs did not develop properly.

The village of Lourandianika gave us the impression of our own village, Karavas - an idyllic setting, far from noise, cares, and woes. A little world unto itself.

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