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George Poulos

Kirranni Koroneos.

My yia-yia Kirranni Koroneos (nee, Souris), originally from Gerakari, and later a long term resident of Karavas.

One of the most spiritually beautiful women I have ever met.

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Louiza Lindb├Ąck
on 01.03.2007

This photo I took of Kirani in 2002 on her request, as she wanted to send it to relatives in Australia. She had then recently moved to the gerokomeio. She was born in Petrouni, see my photo of people in this village, and she was my neighbour in Karavas, Amir Ali, for some months in 1998-99.

George Poulos
on 02.03.2007

Thanks for doing that Louiza. Yia-yia Kirranni was one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Mick Georgas
on 12.07.2014