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Spyro Calocerinos

Anjolos Petroheilos. The Prankster in Hora

Anjolos-as he was known- was a barber in Hora and his son Nikos- my late brother in law-who was also a barber, together built in the early 50s the first supermarket in Kythera, known as Athinaiki Agora. The vatiety of goods sold was enormous.Shoes,exclusive material for suits, hats, cheese sold bulk,sardines sold bulk, herrings,clothes pegs.The lot. But in the corner,there were two barber's chairs,one for Anjolos(his real name was Evangelos) and one for Nikos.
Anjolos was best known in Kythera for his pranks. Obviously,there was no television and no telephones those days and very little entertainment,so people had to amuse themselves as best they could and pranks were an accepted part of life.
One of Anjolos' best known pranks,created many people in Hora to beleive him and is still talked about.

He was cutting a customer's hair and after the normal conversation about the weather the hunting e.t.c. Anjolos said:
" May God forgive him for his sins and bless his soul".(O Theos na ton sinchoresei kai na anapafsei tin psychi tou)

The customer did not answer and after a few minutes Anjolos said" He was a healthy man,Fancy dying in his sleep last night. Such a good man too"
The customer's curiosity got the better of him and asked: Who died?

Anjolos with a very serious look in his face replied: Oh, haven't you heard?
Papa Passas (Father Passas) in Fatsadika died last night

The customer knew Papa Passas very well and was surprised and very upset. He certainly wanted to be at the funeral,so he asked Anjolos, if he knew when the funeral was going to be held.
Anjolos, with the same serious and sad manner, said: The funeral will be today at 4 P.M. this afternoon and we intend to meet in Hora's plateia at 2 P.M. so we can all go together.

After the haircut, the customer went and told a number of people who in turn told another lot of people(remember there were no phones then) and at 2P.M. there were around 50-60 people from Hora gathered in Plateia, some with donkeys,others walking.
The convoy started their trip to Fatsadika and anyone they met on the way, they would break the news that Papa Passas had passed away.

At Livadi Anjolos, who was the leader of the convoy, told the shopkeepers about Papa Passas and they didn't want to miss the funeral, so, they joined the convoy.

Around 3.30 P.M. they arrived at Fatsadika and there was no-one around. It seemed a bit strange, so Anjolos suggested they should all go direct to Papa Passas house.

When they arrived at the house there was not a single person anywhere near to be seen, so, Anjolos knocked on Papa Passas door and Papa Passas opened the door.

When they realised that it was a prank,Papa Passas couldn't stop loughing- he knew Anjolos' pranks-.
He invited them all to have coffee,drinks and fruit.

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