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submitted by Jim Comino on 18.03.2006

old papa from Merriwa writes from ////

Papa always had photos of Anna /Helen/ the daughters of Mary his Sister who theo and Andrew bought out from Kythera and they worked in his shopin Merriwa until theo introduced Helen to Con in Oberon and Anna to Theo Coronios in Scone. These girls Mother Mary [Theo and Andrews sister] was married to Panayiotis Mavromatis, who passed away in Tottenham, where he was in some sort of partnership in a business there.
Theo Comino and Andrew fought a bitter court case over this which cost them some 6000 pounds. I have a letter here regards this. They lost the case for some reason, and Mary went to live with Helen in Oberon then later to Scone with Anna/ later still to Kensington Sydney.

My whole interest in all this is;
I have pictures of my Grandmother from Kythera, Malamatania Comino, but I have no pictures of my Grandfather Minas, and know little of him, or their lifestyle on the Island Kythera.
Uncle Andrews wife Georgina is not interested in this side of the family, so I was wondering if I sent you a photo of your Mother and Helen in Theo's Merriwa cafe in uniform where they worked until he settled them, would you get me a picture of the Comino side of the family if they at all exist.
I understand Minas was married twice and had two families; some went to America, and those of the second marriage to Australia. I beleive his first wife Stephanie died giving birth, and Malamatania died sometime during the WW11 conflict.
I have been contacted by a first marriage son from America, who went to Kythera recently and are anxious to know more of the family which Anna and Helen left behind.
Hoping you can help here.
Leslie James Comino
Your mother has my and address

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