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George Poulos

The Charles Cassim Story.



November 2002

As written by Katie Cassim - April 2002

Charles Cassim - was the eighth child, and third son of a Minister in the Greek Orthodox Church. His Grandfather and his matemal Grandfather were also in the Church on the island of Kythera. His Father was also an Iconographer, a graduate of an Art School in Crete. In Kythera, the family owned property on which grew vines, grapes and pears. They also had in the family two Chapels.

Charles went to school in Potamos, Kythera and at the age of fifteen, he came to Australia to his brother Harry and also to his cousin Harry, also Cassim. He worked with friends and relatives in a network system at whatever he could. As he became established, he took an interest in the Stock Exchange, also in Property. Charles knew from the time he was very young that he had to help provide dowries for his three sisters - one was already married - this he did.

Charles decided to return to Greece (maybe 1925) but unfortunately he heard that his Mother had died. His Father and oldest sister had died in the great influenza epi-demic. He decided to stay and married his best friend's sister Maria and they settled in Sydney.

The Great Depression came along and Charles was devastated and he had to begin all over again only now he had a wife and a little girl Katherine, known as Katie. Meanwhile his brother John had found a Restaurant in Swan Hill and named it "The Paragon", and he invited his brother to join him; and so they came. Two more girls were bom to them, Helen and Elizabeth. A fourth child was born - a son who died in childbirth.

John left Swan Hill and Charles took over and later added the Crystal Cafe in Swan Hill. Charles was a strong family man, a devout Christian. He was a highly intelligent gentleman and he remained close to his family in Greece. Charles bought several properties in Swan Hill.

He together with his family left Swan Hill in 1946 and went to Sydney. Charles continued his work in stocks and shares and also buying property. Charles died in 1981 and his wife Maria died in 1987.

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