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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.08.2006

The Lonely Grave


“Australia’s wide places, where the white man’s footfall was once heard less frequently than that of the native of the soil, has many a mound that marks the last resting place of some venturesome spirit who had invaded what is still the waterless west. Most of them have nothing but the heaped- up earth to indicate that one who blazed the track made his final stay there. But out on the Barcoo, six hundred miles from Brisbane, where the poet ‘Banjo’A.B.Patterson, ...

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submitted by Denise Barsoum on 01.08.2006

Annette George. 4th Oct 1957 - 27th May 2005.

In Loving Memory - of Our Dear Friend,


May 2005

Annette you had a colourful personality, sometimes joyful other times angry, sometimes daring other times stubborn, sometimes passionate other times obsessive sometimes brave and open-minded other times self-determined yet always ready to smile.

You loved to communicate, to be heard, to share and to listen. ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 04.07.2006

Peter John Comino

15th April 1932 -13th June 2006, aged 74 years

Committee Member Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia 1988-1994

President, Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia 1994-1997

Peter John Comino was born in Rockhampton, to John Peter Comino (Perlegianika) and Sophia Venery (Drimona). Although a proud Queenslander, when asked where he was from his invariable reply was “Perlegianika, Kythera” and he later dubbed himself the “Perlegianika Kid”.

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submitted by Merle Cork on 03.05.2006

Kevin J Cork. Friday March 13th, 1998.

Enclosed in Kino magazine, Autumn 1998, No. 63.

Kevin Cork, Philokytherian, Biography

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 24.09.2006

Panayiotis Alfieris 1855 - 1927

Obituary of Panayiotis Alfieris from the Promitheos Newspaper in San Francisco, CA, printed March 22, 1935

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 21.02.2006

Nicholas Peter (Galanis) Comino


Mr. Nicholas Peter Comino, who conducted a café at Warialda for many years, died shortly after his admittance to Warialda District Hospital late yesterday.
He became suddenly ill while having his evening meal at home.
Mr. Comino had been a popular citizen of Warialda.
He was 70.
Mr. Comino was born in Greece, but came to Australia in the early 1930’s.
He returned to his home country for a time during which he was ...

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submitted by John Coroneos on 22.01.2006

James (Jim) Coroneos

Jim was born on 1st May 1925 in Gunning, NSW near Goulbourn.

His parents were Christophoros Melasofaos Coroneos & Melopomeni Comino from Karava in Kythera, who came to Australia, where they started a café in Gunning, named The Busy Bee.

Jim was the oldest of 6 children, and was very close to his brothers and sisters and their spouses - Charles and Mary, Annie and George, Matty and Mick, George and Betsy, Peter and Lyn. He will be sorely missed by them ...

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submitted by Riverina Herald on 27.01.2006

Theodoros Castrissios.


The first Naturalisation ceremony to be held in the Municipal Offices at Echuca took place in 1954, when Theodoros Castrissios, of the Astoria cafe, became an Australian citizen. Prior to this, Naturalisation Ceremonies were carried out by Police Magistrates in chambers and later in open court.

Theodoros, who was 19 years old, was born in Greece and at the time of his ...

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submitted by The Logos on 22.01.2006

Alex Freeleagus. The Logos.

Report of Alex Freeleagus's funeral in The Logos.

Freeleagus ACF Logos.pdf

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submitted by Sylvia Benton on 22.01.2006

Sylvia Benton.


Kythera: Excavations and Studies conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Museum and the British School at Athens.

J.N. Coldstream and G.L. Huxley (editors)
R. Hope Simpson, J.F. Lazenby and A.S. Trik,
with contributions from,
Bernard Anderson, W.G. Forrest, Judith Herrin, A.H.S. Megaw, and W.H. Plommer.

Faber and Faber Limited.
3 Queen Square, London.


This large "encyclopaedic-looking" ...

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 22.01.2006

Sally Combes. Obituary.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday, 20 July 2005

COMBES, Sally (Dialekti).

Passed away July 17, 2005, late of Brighton-le-Sands, aged 87.

Beloved wife of Leo (deceased, now reunited). Beloved mother of Nicholas and Margot, Manuel and Zoe, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Always in our hearts. Family and friends are respectfully invited to attend her funeral service, on Thursday (July 21, 2005) 11 a.m, at the Greek Orthodox ...

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submitted by Gilgandra Weekly on 08.12.2006

Paul Kelly, Gilgandra.

Gilgandra Weekly, Wednesday, 12th May, 1971, page 9.

[Paul Kelly (Yiannakellis) was a towering presence in the town of Gilgandra, NSW. He married Kytherian Chrysanthe Georgopoulos (Pronounced Yeoryopoulos, called Poulos) in 1939. His impact on Kytherians and Kytherian affairs was immense - Administrator.]

Mr. Paul Kelly passed away suddenly on Monday May 3 ...

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submitted by Proctor Magazine on 10.03.2006

Alex Freeleagus.

The following is an Obituary of Alex Freeleagus, published in Clayton Utz's magazine Proctor.

Freeleagus ACF Clayton Utz article August 2005 (1).pdf

See also:

Report of Alex Freeleagus's funeral in The Vema.

Freeleagus ACF Greek News2.pdf

Report ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 22.01.2006

Mr Andrew Balos.

The Kytherian, September, 2005. page 2.

Tribute to a Past President, of the Kytherian Association of Australia, Sydney.

Recently I received a letter from one of our members, Mr Andrew Caravousanos, regarding the passing of a past President, Mr Andrew Balos.

It highlighted the man's many achievements and his devoted service to the then Kytherian Brotherhood over a period of many years. It seems appropriate to share some of his ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 27.01.2006

George Vamvakaris/Bambakaris (Harris).

Arriving in Australia in 1911, George Vamvakaris/Bambakaris (Harris) was a pioneer Greek Australian in the butcher shop business.

George was born on the island of Kythera on 31 July, 1888.

George's parents were Panayotis Vamvakaris (1847 -1911) and Ekaterini Notaras (1857 -1937). Panayotis was a farmer and lived in the village called Vamvakarathika, Kythera. The name "Vamvakaris" means cotton grower, which originated ...

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submitted by Vema Newspaper on 22.01.2006

Obituary, and report of Alex Freeleagus's funeral.

In The Vema.

Freeleagus ACF Greek News2.pdf

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submitted by James Gavriles on 25.04.2016

Supreme Court Justice Theodore Souris

State Bar Mourns the Loss of Former Justice Theodore Souris
State Bar leaders have expressed deep sadness on the death of Theodore Souris, a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, who succumbed to leukemia on June 21st, 2002 in Chicago. He was 76 years old.
Souris was first appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court in January 1960 by former governor G. Mennen Williams, and elected in November the same year to a term expiring in 1969. At age 33, he was the youngest justice to ...