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On January 27th, 2003, the book, "KYTHERIAN SURNAMES", written by the editor of Kythiraika newspaper, Mr. Emmanouil Kalligeros, was introduced to the Kytherian and Hellenic public. The book launch was held at a special exhibition, organised by the Society of Kytherian Studies, at the Centre of the Kytherians. Response to the launch of the book was so great that people had to be turned away for lack of seating space.

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submitted by Renee Wallace on 12.11.2012


hello my name is renee wallace and i am looking for info on my family, my grandfathers family name is leontarakis and comes from kythera. his fathers name was theodore leontarakis.Theodore was born on a small farm in the hills of Kythira on 12-5-1900 and his family survived on breeding goats and growing olives and vegetables in the hills near a small village called Fratsia. His family had lived there for many generations. Theo as far as I know had a brother and sister, but he would never want to ...