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George Poulos

An alloni near the bridge at Katouni?

The photograph of course, includes the famous bridge at Katouni.

Of more interest to me for this submission is the alloni or milling circle in the lower, right hand side.

Allonya were extremely important architectural structures by which grain was "sorted" and milled.

A book could be written about the allonya of Kythera. To the best of my knowledge, by the end of year 2004, not a single picture of an alloni had been submitted to kythera-family; nor a picture from the early 20th century of a alloni in use to create flour.

Which is very surprising given the importance of the structure(s) to provide food for Kythera's inhabitants.

What does you family illoni look like?

Has it been well maintained?

Do you have a vintage photograph of a alloni being worked by Kytherians and their animals?

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