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George Poulos

Apothiki. Tzortzopoulos (Hlihlis) patriko spiti. Karavas.

Another very important room in a Kytherian house was the apothiki - storage room.

On the left hand side are the doors which lead into the Tzortzopoulos apothiki.

Here was kept all the tools needed to farm the land, small hand tools, like hammers and saws, and hardware needs like screws and nails.

Also equipment for the farm animals - saddles, mustroukes (muzzles), blankets, etc.

Barrels of oil, wine and chipoora were also kept there.

The Tzortzopoulos apothiki also contains an area for "stomping wine".

A good apothiki was the working centre of a Kytherian home.

(Picture taken in 1995).

What does your patriko apothiki look like?

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