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George Poulos

Patrikio Skolio - Karavas, in 1968.

The Patriko skolio, was originally an Agricultural College, designed to teach Karavitithes and Kytherians generally, agricultural science.

The thiapontos was George Politis. [See other entries for full history.]

It was named after the benefactor who provided the funds for its contruction - Patrikios.

It is an iconic building in Karavas's history, and has undergone a number of transformations, and usage changes in the decades after it was built.

I figure it would be good to chronicle those changes. Here is how it looked in the late 1960's.

Do other kythera-family users have photographs of the skoli in other era's?

In 1968, it was was obviously in very fine condition.

The person in the photograph is Theothori Tzortzopoulos, one of a number of children born to George Dimitri Tzortzopoulos, and Olympia (nee, Tzortzopoulos) in Karavas, Kythera. (He was one of my father's older brothers.)

He is seen here, inspecting olives on a very thriving olive tree at the front of the skolio..

He married the "famous" Mummi - midwife, and lived in the Tzortzopoulo patriko spiti - at the base of the steps leading up to the marmaro, and Church of Ayios Haralambos, in Karavas.

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