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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 10.12.2005

Grigoria Katsouli Chlentzos with children Viola, Anna and Kostaki

Grigoria Katsouli Chlentzos with children Viola, Anna and Kostaki
Copyright (0000) Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

I believe this is a photograph of Grigoria Katsoulis Chlentzos with her children; Anna, Viola, and Kostas.
We are not positive, but we believe Grigoria was the daughter of Kirani Chlentzos Katsouli, my grandmother, Maria Chlentzos Alfieris’ sister.

The photo is dated Oct. 4, 1945 with the following inscription on the back:
"To my beloved cousin Spirithoula and her family,
I wish for you a happy new year. Many kisses to everyone, with love, your cousin Grigoria Chlentzos, Athens, Jan. 24, 1946"
Grigoria was married to Nick Chlentzos.

The photo/postcard was sent to my Aunt Lula (Spirithoula) Alfieris Zamenes. Lula's mother, Maria Chlentzos Alfieris, and Grigoria's grandmother, Kyrani Chlentzos Katsoulis, were sisters. When Lula passed away, her son Ted, gave my mother Evangeline Alfieris Vrettos, a box of old photographs, not knowing who the people in the photographs were.
Little by little we are identifying the people in these old photographs and filling in the missing links to our family tree.

Kirani Chlentzos Katsoulis had 5 children:

1. Grigoria who married Nick Chlentzos, and had 3 children pictured.
2. RIgoula, who married someone with the name of Papalianos. They had 3 children: Marina, Anna, and Koula.
3. Pascalia who married S. Eftimios. They had 3 children: Nick, Andrew, and Maria.
4. Arete, who married Dimitris Sofios. They had 3 children; Manoli (the photographer), Zoe, and George.
5. Dimitris Katsoulis (1897-1955) who immigrated to the USA and changed his name to Jim Kastele. He married an American woman, Gertrude Ruth Holladay and they had no children.

I have very little info on RIgoula, Grigoria and Pascalia.
If you have any information on them or their descendants, please EMAIL ME

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