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submitted by John George PRINEAS on 25.10.2007

Louisa Psaltis's daughter Anna Gowing (Black)

Louisa Psaltis's daughter Anna Gowing (Black)
Copyright (2007) Peter O'Neill

(Anna Gowing - Louisa Psaltis)

Amongst the Kytherian Pioneers in Australia were the Psaltis Family from Kythera and the Black, (Mavrokefalos) from Ithaca. Nick Psaltis with his brother John migrated at an early age and established themselves in Australia. Nick married Louisa Krithary, that unforgettable lady who was so loved and respected from the community at large.
Nick and Louise had one child, a lovely daughter Anna. Anna married a handsome young man originally from Brisbane called Dennis John Black (Dionisios Mavrokefalos) See his fathers story in the recently published book of “Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill” Page 40.

Anna and Dennis had 4 beautiful children, one son and three daughters.
Unfortunately the happy family was shaken by the early death of Dennis. Anna with the moral support of her mother Louisa went on to raise and marry her children, and soon Louise was a Great-Grand-Mother.
Anna later met and married Mr Ted Gowing and watched her ‘extended’ family grow. She also is now a Great Grand-mother.
This year again, Anna invited her ‘extended’ family to coincide with the birthday of her late Mother Louisa. The photo was taken by Peter O’Neill, (A grandson by marriage) at Anna’s Palm Beach Home.

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