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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 31.08.2006

Panayiotis Alfieris & family

Panayiotis Alfieris & family
Copyright (1927) Spiridoula Alfieris Georgopoulos

Panayiotis was one of the seven children of Giorgos Alfieris (1845-1920) and Spirithoula Argiris Alfieris (1856-1927) of Potamos, Kythera. Panayiotis immigrated to Egypt in the late 1890's. He married Zaferia Koroneos in 1910 and they had eight children who were all born in Cairo, Egypt.

First row: Unknown woman, Stella Alfieris (1915-1985, daughter of Panayiotis and Zaferia Alfieris), Panayiotis Alfieris (1882-1934), Katerina Alfieris (1922- , daughter of Panayiotis Alfieris), Evangelos Alfieris (1913-1991, son of Panayiotis Alfieris), Zaferia Koroneos Alfieris (1890-1949, wife of Panayiotis Alfieris)
Back Row: The identity of the two boys and the man on the right is unknown. Please contact me if you have any information on these unknown people.

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