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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 14.04.2014

Peter Clary Castrission OAM

A rare breed of individual: altruistic in a world where self-interested
ambitions are often prized and admired. His determination to succeed
and his compassion for his fellow man are indeed exceptional traits

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In the Australia Day Honours List it was announced that Peter Clary Castrission had ...

Photos > Diaspora Vintage Portraits/ People

submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 20.12.2011

James Castrission on the front of Lot 41 in the middle of the Tasman Sea

James Castrission.

James Castrission was born, 14 March 1982. That makes him only 29 years of age in 2011. But in those 29 years he has crammed a “hell of a lot of living”.

His heritage is Kytherian. His paternal grandfather was Jim Castrission, originally from Kastrissianika, and his paternal grandmother was Theothora Coroneos (Belo Kostandinos) from Potamos. Jim Castrission established the famous Niagara Café at Gundagai, in New South Wales. Jim would later sponsor ...