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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 25.03.2012

Scroll artwork and poem written and created by Zoe Savina

Scroll artwork and poem written and created by Zoe Savina
Copyright (2011) Zoe Savina

in dedication to Lafcadio Hearn, Koizumi Yakumo, - to the plum trees - the other Odysseus

…and what will happen now?
for years I have tightly embraced Basho!
and just before, Issa,
but the friend –stubborn, turned the page for me…

and the goblins came, disaster, chrysanthemum shadows
written by the child who drew cats

afterwards he left
beyond the cherry trees
listening to the fluttering of the birds
the little bells in the darkness of the souls
words words words on the tips of his fingers

dark boy
from black to black
not even if you were a cat

he was born again
looking at the blossoms
of cherry trees

there at Matsue
the rocks in the blossom garden
hold back the wind

spring burst forth
Setsu on his breast
exotic flower!

soft wing
daughter of Samurai
--sword cut

earth - a ball
you wound yourself around it
like a little moon…
-half Greek
-his gaze half too
-“whole” through the ages

at Santa Black
the bell tower -
Hern at the cherry trees

in the basement?
what is that? his balance?
-leaves falling

they awaited him
at every return
the new walls

Lafcadios what are you?
the black, the mauve, the blue?
traveler in the snow?

land of chrysanthmums
Lafcadios’ shelter
-his snakes asleep?

Events in his honor on the 120th anniversary of the arrival of Kozumi Yakuo in Japan International Art Exhibit dedicated to
Lafcadios Hearn At the museum:
“Lafcadios Hearn Memorial Museum” “Castel Mastue”

October 10th – November 14th, 2010

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