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submitted by Alexandra Dapontes on 23.12.2008


Alexandra Hastas and husband (I think dimitri Hastas ) my grandparents both deceased RIP

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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 21.01.2008

King Paul and Queen Frederika in Kythera 1948

King Paul and Queen Friderika visited Kythera 1948. They landed in Kapsali and the boyscouts had laid branches of myrtle on the ground.As we had no electricity in Kastro, we had arranged empty tins with diezel in them at the Kastro in Hora, lit up the tins and made up the words "Καλως Ηλθατε στα Κυθηρα" "Welcome to Kythera" Everything has changed the last sixty years.

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submitted by Ioanna Kaligerou on 21.01.2004

Best Friends

Eygenia Veneri and Eleni Fatsea in their teens.