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There is a history in all men's lives.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

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11338:History > General History

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 18.09.2006

The only place 'xeni' could find work...

[[picture:"Alexakis Port Pirie.jpg" ID:11339]]

Greek community gathering outside St George Greek Orthodox Church, Port Pirie, SA, c. 1935.

Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski, have traced the first hazy steps by some of Port Pirie's first Greek settlers. Their presence in this South Australian town emphasises that the Hellenic impact upon Australia is not simply limited to the post-World War II era, and further that the image of the Greek cafe proprietor cannot ...

11183:History > General History

submitted by Alfred Vincent on 24.08.2006

George Mormoris (1720-1790) and Aminta.

George Mormoris, a Kytherian, a doctor, and writer, produced a Greek translation, or more correctly, an adaptation, of a famous Italian play, Tasso's Aminta. He published it in 1745.

The plays' significance is that it helps to fill in the historical gap between the Cretan-Heptanesian theatre production of the 17th century and the Heptanesian writers of the later 18th and 19th century.

Extremely rare and more or less forgotten for 200 years, it was made known ...

11133:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 16.08.2006

Gilgandra & Districts and the Manusu family.

Very intrigued by a recent entry re: Aussie Canadian Greek - Robert Sydney Watt.

At his website

he relates some of the history of a

Michael James Manusu

Robert had written to Helen & Terry Hall (Tuesday, August 23, 2005) to inquire about the name Minnie Manusu.

"I received this confirmation to my question. (Wednesday, 24 August 2005)

Thank you to ...

10866:History > General History

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 04.07.2006

Australian Greek runs for mayor of Greek Island.

A former advisor to Jeff Kenett now living in Greece is hoping to become the next mayor of the island of Kythera.

A third generation Australian Greek, Sia Poulos relocated to Greece in the early 1990's after she fell in love with the country during a holiday.

Now married with a six-year old son, Sia, known as Metaxia Georgopoulos (pronounced Yeryo-poulos), is the publisher of a newspaper in Kythera, where she will run for mayor.

Despire being a ...

10852:History > General History

submitted by Epsilon Magazine on 01.08.2006

Family Ties.

An Extended and amended version, of the interview published in:

Epsilon Magazine,
Volume 1, Issue 6,
15th June, 2006.
pp. 32-35

[[picture:"George on Website background.jpg" ID:10851]]

Family ties

George Poulos talks to Savvas Limnatitis about, a web site dedicated to preserving Kytherian history and culture.

Unlike the Castelorizians, Cypriots or Lemnians, ...

10760:History > General History

submitted by Clarence River Historical Society on 08.06.2006

Grafton's Jacaranda Festival

[[picture:"Jacaranda Avenue Grafton.jpg" ID:10761]]

Jacaranda Avenue Grafton

From the early 1900's to date there has always been a powerful Kytherian presence in the town of Grafton, NSW.

No less than 7 cafes were owned by Kytherians in Grafton in the post WWII era.

Their busiest time of the year was always the time of the

Jacaranda Festival

The world-renowned Jacaranda Festival is Australia's ...

10686:History > General History

submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 04.06.2006

Lismore Café Paraphernalia

The following photos depict some of the Greek café paraphernalia held in the treasure chest of an avid collector of Lismore memorabilia, who wishes to remain anonymous.

All the crockery was manufactured at various times by the same English company, ‘Grindley Hotel Ware Co’, for the Sydney import firm of Gibson & Patterson Ltd, suggesting that the firm’s travelling salesman was a smooth talking operator who had the Lismore market, and possibly the whole North Coast of NSW, sewn ...

10675:History > General History

submitted by Peter Vanges on 04.06.2006

Kytherians in Africa and Egypt

Chpt 49, Peter Vanges', Kythera, A History of the island and its people 1993.

Book, Available: The Kytherian Association of Australia
P. O. Box A203
Sydney South, NSW 1235

Contact, President, The Kytherian Association ...

10674:History > General History

submitted by Peter Vanges on 04.06.2006

Kytherians in Asia Minor

Chpt 48, Peter Vanges', Kythera, A History of the island and its people 1993.

Book, Available: The Kytherian Association of Australia
P. O. Box A203
Sydney South, NSW 1235

Contact, President, The ...

10604:History > General History

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 30.05.2006

Migrants collecting their meals.... the dining hall at the Bonegilla migrant reception, 1949.

[[picture:"Migrant Centre.jpg" ID:10606]]

Migrant Reception Centres were set up to accomodate people while they waited for employment and other living arrangements to be made.

The centres also served as an introduction to Australian life.

From the photographic files of the National Archives, Canberra.

Numerous photographs of this type are on file in the ...

10574:History > General History

submitted by The Daily Examiner, Grafton on 29.05.2006

Shaping the new Australia

The Daily Examiner, Grafton. August 30, 2003, page 8.

by Juris Graney

The history of Greek cafes in the Clarence Valley is being documented by two historians as part of a project called ‘In Their Own Image: Greek Australians’.

The national project, which began in 1982, is being headed by Macquarie University lecturer Leonard Janiszewski and photographer Effy Alexakis. The names read like a who’s who of the Clarence Valley. ...

10572:History > General History

submitted by The Daily Examiner, Grafton on 29.05.2006

Living History

[[picture:"Alexakis Janisewski, USA.jpg" ID:10573]]

Photograph: Historical researchers Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski, (left and right)in the USA, 2005.

Photograph from:

The Daily Examiner, Grafton. August 30, 2003, page 8.

by, Juris Graney

TEAM EFFORT: Historical researchers Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski.

MEET ...

10571:History > General History

submitted by Effy Alexakis And Leonard Janiszewski on 29.05.2006

Macquarie staff launch international photo exhibition

19 Dec 2005

Macquarie staff will be coordinating an exhibition in the United States, following successful negotiations by the Centre for Flexible Learning’s Effy Alexakis and Modern History’s Leonard Janiszewski.

Effy and Leonard visited Chicago, Washington and New York last month to coordinate the exhibition, ‘Selling an American Dream: Australia’s Greek Café’, which is based on their paper ‘The Globe Trotting Greek Café: A Trojan Horse for the Americanisation ...

10519:History > General History

submitted by George Vardas on 21.05.2006

The Village of Watermills


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

When you leave the town square of Milopotamos, a handwritten sign “to the mills” beckons on a track leading just off the main road. Before long you find yourself walking along a well-beaten path gradually descending into a world of long-abandoned ...

10472:History > General History

submitted by Helen Tzortzopoulos on 13.05.2006

March 1998. English Section. Main News. Kythiraiki Ithea.

Helen Tzortzopoulos.

Αρ. Φύλλου: 191
Από το αρχείο της εφημερίδας "Κυθηραϊκή Ιδέα"

A wave of enthusiasm has hit Kytherians as news of the proposal for the purchase of a ferry to service the West coast of Crete, Kythera, Anti-Kythera and the Peloponnese spreads throughout the community. A steering committee has already been formed with representatives from each area concerned:

10452:History > General History

submitted by International Molinology on 10.05.2006

Watermills of the Greek Islands of Kythera and Antikythera

(15th -19th Centuries)

Stelios Mouzakis

Brief History of the Islands


International Molinology

Journal of The International Molinological Society

No. 69

December 2004

Brief History of the Islands

The island of Kythera is located in the Cretan Sea south of the eastern peninsula of Laconia of the Peloponnese opposite Cape Malea, and belongs to ...

10181:History > General History

submitted by Bingara Advocate on 23.04.2006

Book 'taps into my own passions' Professor tells Roxy audience

Bingara Advovate, pages 1 & 2, Vol. 73. No. 11, Tuesday April 4, 2006.

'Katsehamos and The Great Idea' is an engaging book that taps into topics and experiences which are close to my own passions. It pulls together family history, immigration history and local history. It provides strong portraits of individuals, their personalities, desires, frailties, failures and achievements. It locates Australian experiences in a broader world context, especially a context which links to ...

10169:History > General History

submitted by Bingara Advocate on 27.04.2006

Roxy Theatre celebrates its 70th birthday in style.

Front Page, Bingara Advocate, Vol 73, No. 11., Tuesday April 4, 2006.

A book launch, the presentation of photographs and a plaque com­memorating the three men who built the Roxy, a ball, and free screening of films, combined to make the 70th Anniversary of the opening of the Roxy Theatre one which would have surely gladdened the hearts of Peter Feros, Emanuel Aroney and George Psaltis.

Accommodation in the town was booked out, for the occasion.

10117:History > General History

submitted by Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia on 17.04.2006

Greek Australian

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greek Australian is seventh largest ethnic group in Australia, numbering 375,703 or 1.8 % of respondents in the 2001 Census.

The census recorded 116,530 Greek-born in Australia, although this excludes persons of Greek ethnicity and culture born elsewhere, notably Cyprus (10,560), Egypt (5,480) and Albania (50). The website estimates the number of Greeks ...

10084:History > General History

submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 14.04.2006

The Honourable Bob Carr, Peter Prineas & George Poulos.

[[picture:"Poulos, Prineas, Carr.jpg" ID:10085]]

At the Sydney launch of Peter Prineas' book, Katsehamos and the Great Idea.

See also:

Speech introducing Bob Carr at the Sydney launch

Review(s) of the book

Professor ...