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There is a history in all men's lives.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

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5739:History > General History

submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 30.11.2004

Lefcadios Hern. Story from Kythera

I am aware that there have been a number of stories on this topic, but this was told to me by the grand-daughter (Mrs.Psychogios) of Mr.Petroheilos (Cleomenis) owner of the house in Hora, where Roza Kassimatis - Lefcadio's mother - was born.
She had met Charles or Carl Hern, who was an Irish doctor, posted in Kythera by the British Government. Against her parent's wishes, she married Hern and soon after was posted in Lefcada, where they both went.
Their first child was Georgios-Robertos ...

5620:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 21.11.2004

George Souris's tragic drowning. Namoi River, Gunnedah. Dec 25, 1952.

As reported in the Namoi Valley Independent, Jan 15, 1953.

Drowning on Christmas Day Accidental

The Coroner, Mr. T. C. Gascoyne, found that Georges Souris (13), of Gunnedah, was accidentally drowned whilst bathing at the Namoi River, Gunnedah, on 25th December, at the conclusion of an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death, yesterday.

Dr. Colin Anderson, who made an examination of the body, said the death was due to ...

5617:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 20.11.2004

Rio Picture Theatre. Lockart. Nicholas Laurentis.

Michael F Butler and Mick Sheehy gave us (ie, the town of Lockhart), our first picture show in 1912 in the School of Arts. Michael Butler, farmer of "Tongala" used a hand cranked Edison gas lit projector. They called their venture Bio Pictures. They were followed by J Bicket, Geo. Sharpe and Sid George. Also in 1912, Lytton's Moving Theatre began where the Commonwealth Bank now stands. The first movie they showed was "The Fatal Wedding" with the famous Tin Can Band scene.

The Rio ...

5616:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 20.11.2004

Lockhart, NSW. List of Refreshment Rooms in the 20th century.


Refreshment Rooms

Barwick Mrs W, 1900 - 1902
Comian Peter, 1925 - 1926
Comino Peter, 1927 -
Clutterbuck T H W, 1918 - 1922. Located in the Mc Cracken Buildings.
Fatouris J, 1925 - 1926. Located in todays Blue Bird Cafe.
Green M H, 1923 - 1924
Karandonis T, 1922 - 1926. Located in todays Blue Bird Cafe
Lyryjis J, 1922 - 1924. ...

5246:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 21.10.2004

South Australian Greeks. Nick Ganzis's Research.

Driven from their homelands by political upheaval, commercial diruption, technological revolution, declining agricultural productivity and a rapidly expanding population, Greek migrants first arrived in South Australia in the second half of the nineteenth century, settling in Adelaide and Port Pirie in the Mid North.

Before World War II many worked in the smelters at Port Pirie, where the first officially organised and incorporated Greek Community and Greek Orthodox Church were established ...

5171:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 11.10.2004

Prosklisi - Immigration Papers

During the 20th emigration wave into Australia, Non-British nationals wishing to emigrate into Australia, had to provide a monetary guarantee, (sponsorship), and to obtain what today would be called an entry visa.

The Greek term used for this certificate was prosklisi.

My yia-yia, Olympia Tzortzopoulos had to borrow funds from a local Kytherian, to send her eldest son, Dimitri, to Australia.

Once established, in 1928, Dimitri then provided both ...

5107:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 14.10.2004

From Kythera to Australia, from Poverty to Prosperity. Dr Nicholas P Glytsos

[[picture:"DSCF0136 (1).JPG" ID:5157]]

There were two conferences in September, 2004, in Kythera. The first one had the theme 'Kytherian Migration: Historic Diaspora and Contemporary Massive Population Movements'. It was organised by the Open University of Kythera Municipality, the University of Athens and La Trobe University, 16-19 September.

The photograph above is taken from this conference.

The second was the 'First International Symposium ...

4950:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 18.09.2004

Sydney Morning Herald article - Sept 19 2004 - Reporting History Week Lecture

History Week is celebrated in Australia, in mid-September every year.

The dates for 2004 were Sept 13 to Sept 19.

During History Week 2004, Lenny Janiszewski {see other kythera-family entries for Lenny, by searching under "Janiszewski"} gave a talk on Greek migration at Macquarie University.

It was reported by Andrew Stevenson, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 18-19, 2004, on page 13, under the banner

"Islands were history as Greeks sought ...

3706:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 18.06.2004

Greeks in Tasmania - Kytherians in Tasmania

[[picture:"Hobart\'s early Greeks. Casimaty family and friends, Hobart, Tasmania, c. 1931.jpg" ID:3705]]
Hobart's early Greeks: Casimaty family and friends, Hobart, Tasmania, c. 1931.

This article first appeared in Neos Kosmos, Monday, 14-4-2003.


Greeks of the *'apple isle'. [*The State of Tasmania, Australia.]

Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski ...

3698:History > General History

submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 24.06.2004

Kythera Liberation Festivities

Angelo Victor Crethar of Lismore had the honour of leading the rejoicing on the North Coast of NSW over the liberation of Kythera in Sep1944. Quoting him on 3Oct44 the Northern Star, under the prominent heading North Coast Greeks Jubilant Over Kythera Relief, had this to say:
Nowhere was the news of the relief of the island of Kythera by Allied forces more joyfully received than in Lismore and the North Coast generally. Most of the Greek community in Lismore, Grafton, Casino, Kyogle, ...

3694:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 18.06.2004

"Bronte" - Hellenic origins of the name

[[picture:"Bronte Beach.jpg" ID:3692]]

The suburb of Bronte, lies 2 inlets to the South of world famous Bondi Beach.

It has become a very fashionable [and expensive] suburb in the "trendy" Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Where does the word "Bronte" derive from?

The automatic reflex is to look for an English derivation for the name. Australians become aware of the Bronte sisters, for example, from a very young age.

That reveals ...

2803:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 28.05.2004

NSW Legislative Council Hansard, Full Day Transcript for 20 April 1993. Jim Samios - Reference to matter of Kytherian Association of Queensland and Anor v. Sklavos.

NSW Legislative Council Hansard, Full Day Transcript for 20 April 1993.

Tuesday, 20th April, 1993

Second Reading

Debate resumed from 11th March.

[Jim Samios, Kytherian; then member of the NSW Legislative Council, speaks in favour of the Bill.

He makes reference to the prolonged and complicated matter of the Sklavos bequest - which was contested in the Full ...

2802:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 28.05.2004

Greek Immigrants in Australia: Demographic Developments and Economic Integration

International Migration

Volume 35 Issue 3 Page 421 - September 1997


Greek Immigrants in Australia: Demographic Developments and Economic Integration

Nicholas P. Glytsos

Abstract - Summary

With a high proportion of Greece-born immigrants in Australia reaching retirement, working age numbers will be reduced dramatically by the year 2000 and will almost vanish by the year 2010. ...

2761:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 26.05.2004

A Fork in the Road - popular SBS Television Program chooses Kythera as a location - 2004.

[[picture:"Sbshome_choosecat.gif" ID:2762]]

One of the locations for this SBS Program in 2004 will be KYTHERA.

Ashley Smith:
Chief Researcher - "In its basic form the program is a travel show but with extra layers and levels built into it. Those who wish for more than just a look at a pretty Greek island will find ample substance below the simple visual.

We look at the lifestyles of those who live and work in their communities, this is not a tourists ...

2752:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 26.04.2006

Beyond the Rolling Wave - A Thematic History of Greek Settlement in New South Wales.



Professor Ian Tyrrell, 2001

To read the article in PDF format go to

> Beyond the Rolling Wave

Appendix and Bibliography, Beyond ...

2750:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 23.05.2004

George Miller's Mad Max III - Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max III
Beyond Thunderdome

[[picture:"Thunderdome - Movie Poster.jpg" ID:2749]]


Fan reaction to the third Mad Max film is a little varied. Some like it, some don't. I have mixed feelings about the film, sometimes I think it is a better film, and then sometimes I refuse to even admit that there was a third Mad Max film even made. Either way, the film was a success, and tells another story, and shows another side, of Max.

2743:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 23.05.2004

George Miller - Prescriptions for a regenerated Australian Film Industry, 2003

[[picture:"georgemiller 240 SMH.jpg" ID:2742]]

Doctor's script for film recovery

November 17, 2003

Australia's film industry is not in terminal decline but it needs urgent treatment, George Miller tells Garry Maddox.

A more aggressive approach to film financing, more creative training, more emphasis on film culture and slowing the erosion of Australia's identity.

If Dr George Miller was diagnosing the Australian film industry, ...

2721:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 21.05.2004

200 Wealthiest Persons in Australia - including Kytherians and other Greek Australians

[[picture:"BRW Richest 200_cover.gif" ID:2720]]
BRW Richest 200, Cover, 19th May 2004.

Every year the Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine publishes a list the 200 wealthiest men and women in Australia.


Appraisals of the "200" issue of BRW range from "absolutely essential reading", to, "downright tacky".
However, it is invariably the best selling BRW of the year.

A good short summary ...

2716:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 18.07.2004



2607:History > General History

submitted by George Poulos on 15.05.2004

Prika - The Glory Box

The Glory Box of Yesterday

Many traditions have been erased by the redefinition of female roles in modern society. Changes in these roles were slow in reaching Kythera, and even though village women were often the back-bone of the family, a woman wasn't ready for a marriage unless her 'prika'- glory box was complete.

Apart from all the responsibilities of sustaining a household, the baking of bread and presiding over thew cooking hearth, most women's daily duties included ...