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submitted by Effy Alexakis And Leonard Janiszewski on 07.05.2006

First Soda Fountain's to Australia

The ‘Greek café’: the future of Australia’s past

In 1912, three Greek migrant/settlers from the United States, Peter and Constantine Soulos and Anthony Louison (Iliopoulos), formed the Anglo-American Company in Sydney. Based upon the American drug store soda bar, the company’s shops (five by the mid-1910s) broadly exposed Sydneysiders to the soda fountain [1] ...

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submitted by Hugh Gilchrist on 02.05.2006

First Greek & Kytherian dentist in Australia.

Australia’s first dentist of Greek family was George Gengos. His father, from Kythera, had operated a restaurant and an ice-works in Moree. George, born in Inverell in 1914, attended Sydney Grammar School, entered Sydney University, and after winning a scholarship in operative and prosthetic dentistry graduated BDS with honours in 1936, and later gained a doctorate in dental surgery in Toronto. An inaugural Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons, he served during the war as a ...

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submitted by Phillip Con Poulos on 29.04.2006

Frosso Poulos. My story.

From the Newslettter of the Ex-Services Home, Ballina, September, 2002.

PO Box 350 Ballina 2478
Ph: 6686 2383
Fax: 6686 6469

My entry into the world was in a small village called Karava on the small Greek Island of Kythera in 1928. As I showed promise as a scholar, I was sent to live with my uncle and aunty in Athens to be properly educated. Unfortunately, the German invasion of Greece during WWII resulted in my return to Kythera ending my dreams ...

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submitted by National Archives, Australia on 29.04.2006

Gregory Casimaty, Hobart, Tasmania.

After arriving in Sydney in 1905, 15-year-old Grigorios Kasimatis (later known as Gregory Casimaty) tried his luck in Queensland and New South Wales before settling in Tasmania. Gregory established the Britannia Café in Elizabeth Street, Hobart in the early 1900s and followed this with many other successful business ventures. Known for his charity and benevolence – including providing Christmas dinner for 200 unemployed single men in the Depression years – Gregory Casimaty was recommended for ...

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submitted by National Archives, Australia on 29.04.2006

George Gabriel Haros.

George Gabriel Haros arrived in Australia in the 1930s and applied his inventiveness to producing an efficient way of heating water for tea and coffee in cafés like the Britannia.

While George Haros is probably best known for the invention and subsequent establishment of the Haros Boiler Company in 1939, he didn’t restrict his inventiveness to the catering industry. In 1942, the Army Inventions Directorate in Melbourne was informed that he designed a new anti-aircraft ...