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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 06.11.2005

Alfieris Family in California 1955

Alfieris Family in California 1955
Copyright (1955) Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

Floor: Alice Alfieris Golfes, Florence Alfieris Newton, Athena (wife of Harry Alfieris), Harry Alfieris
Seated: Evangeline Alfieris Vrettos, James K. Vrettos, Delius Newton, John Alfieris, Maria Alfieris
Standing: Harry Golfes, Lula Alfieris, Frances Alfieris (wife of Milton), Milton Alfieris, Argery Golfes (daughter of Alice and Harry. Not pictured is Gus Alfieris.
Maria Alfieris was born in Christoforianika (1884-1968), John Alfieris was born in Potamos (1884-1966) Gus and Lula Alfieris were born in Alexandria, Egypt. The rest of the children were born in Oakland, CA.

a href=""_blank">John and Maria Alflieris approximately 1903

Ioannis Giorgos Alfieris 1884-1966

Maria (Chlentzos) Alfieris 1884-1968

Diamantis and Yanoula (Coulentianos) Chlentzos, with sons Bill and Harry

Efrocene (Venardos) Chlentzos

Alfieris Family Trees

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Kythera Connections

On this site there are photo videos and an audio interview, along with many old photographs of the Chlentzos, and Alfieris families. My cousin Terry Chlentzos Kermaris and I spent one afternoon at the home of Tikey and Tedde Zes, in San Jose, CA, where we video-taped Tedde's mother, Stamatoula Mavromatis Chlentzos, as she told us about the people in many of her old photographs from Kythera. Stamatoula just turned 99!

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