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submitted by Woman's Day on 25.12.2005

Capsali, 1976.

The fishing village at the southern tip of Kythera; a supply ship from the mainland puts in once a week. On a clear day you can see Crete, 64 kilometres across the water

One of 22 photographs in a supplement on Kythera, in the Woman's Day. August 2, 1976. pp. 20-25.

From this tiny Greek island came 100,000 'new' Aussies.

People of Kythera longed for opportunity so they came to Australia, bringing ways and traditions that were new and interesting ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 06.11.2005

Kapsali and Hora in 1888

Published by Librairie Hachette, Paris, 1888
The print measures 119mm x 60mm

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submitted by George Poulos on 30.10.2004

Kapsali in the 1950's(?)

From a vintage postcard.

How times change?

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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 06.09.2004

Kapsali in 1949

See entry "Culture" section Stories
Kythera during German occupation

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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 29.07.2004

Kythera was the first Greek land liberated after World War 2

Kythera was the first Greek land to be liberated after World War II. This is the first landing of British and Greek ships and army in Kapsali September 1944. This photo was taken by Sophios from Potamos.
People from the whole island visited Kapsali to welcome them.

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submitted by George Vardas on 03.06.2004

A view of Kapsali in 1974

The oft-taken photo through the hole in the wall of the kastro. This was taken in January 1974.