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submitted by Hugh Gilchrist on 21.09.2005

The Greek Connection in the Nineteenth Century.

Hugh Gilchrist

From, Afstraliotes Hellenes. Greeks in Australia. (ed) A Kapardis and A Tamis. River Seine Press. Melbourne. 1988. pp. 1-11

This article was first published in the September, 1984, issue of the Canberra Historical Journal. It is reprinted in Afstraliotes Hellenes, in the form in which it first appeared, by kind permission of the author and the Editor of the CHJ.

[*19th century Greek migration to Australia was extremely important ...

7536:Academic Research > Diaspora/Migration

submitted by George Poulos on 31.05.2005

Bibliography of Greek migration to Australia.

From the New South Wales Government, Heritage Office website -


Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski, In Their Own Image: Greek Australians, Hale and Iremonger, Alexandria, 1998.

Gillian Bottomley, After the Odyssey: A Study of Greek Australians, University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia, 1979.

Richard Cashman and Chrys Meader, Marrickville: Rural Outpost ...

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submitted by Katherine Alfieris-Stathis on 25.01.2006

Kytherian-American Immigrants


A Presentation to the Kytherian Conference
Kythera, September, 2001

Delivered by

Dr. John Mavromatis, Coordinator of Greek Language Teaching, Greek Consulate, San Francisco, California

Dr. Theodore Sougiannis. University of Illinois, Athens Laboratory of Business (ALBA)

Translated from Greek to English by Panagiotis Coukoulis, Long ...

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submitted by Maria Hill on 31.03.2005

Greeks In Australia

This thesis seeks to fill some of the gaps which exist in the study of the family life of immigrants in Australia. Charles Price writing in 1963 identified this need in Southern Europeans in Australia:

" Indeed the whole matter of southern European family life in Australia, and the extent to which the family customs and loyalty of each particular group survived amongst the second and third generation, requires considerably more research " (1)

6508:Academic Research > Diaspora/Migration

submitted by Site Administrator on 04.02.2005

Gender and international migration - conceptual, substantive and methodological issues

published by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), Athens: Greece. Vol. 110, No A (Spring) 2003, pp. 5-22.

by E. Tastsoglou, L. Maratou-Alipranti

The paper of Dr. Evangelia Tastsoglou - Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Criminology ofthe Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada –
is dealing with international migration from a gendered perspective with a focus on Greece. It deals with earlier migration ...

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submitted by Site Administrator on 02.02.2005

From Kythera to Australia, from Poverty to Prosperity

Paper presented at the International Symposium
Of Kytheraismos with the theme: Kytherian Identity
Organized by the Institute of Kytheraismos

Kythera 24-26 September 2004

Dr Nicholas P. Glytsos

1. What has left the exodus to Australia

According to the recent Australia population census, the Greeks of Australia were in 2001 of the order of 449,000 people, of which a rather large proportion ...

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submitted by Site Administrator on 02.02.2005

Kytherian Migration Conference Sept. 2004

Historic Diaspora and Contemporary Massive Population Movements

Kythera, 17th to 19th September 2004

Kytherian Migration: Historic Diaspora
and Contemporary Massive Population Movements

Download the entire programme here:

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