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paul vlandys - wollongong n.s.w

I was born in Kalokerines. My fathers name was Nick Paul Vlandys, one of eleven kids. My grandfather's name was Paul, grandmother's name was Maria. I have two brothers alex and peter. My mum's name is Katina.


Panayioti Comino - Brisbane, Australia

I am the grandson of Panayioti Comino and son for Stavrianos Panayioti Comino. My father came out to Australia in 1928 to take up work in a cafe alongside Paul Comino who had the Marble Cafe in Childers. He spent quite some time there before Dad finally bought out the remaining seven siblings to this country. In 1950, he was told to take a break his duties helping to keep family businesses such as Fruit Shops operating and went back to Kythera and met my Mother,Eleni Lourandos who was from Kalisperianika. Not long after meeting and courting they married and retuned to Australia. Incidentally, my grandmother from my mothers side was also a Comino before she married but was from a different family line that also originated from Dourianika.
I am very impressed about how this website has been put together. Thanks for the effort its greatly appreciated by anyone who values their island heritage!


Tina Angle - Hagerstown, Md. USA

My father was Peter Samios, son of Nicholas (hellonis). Peter and his brother Zachary left Kythera at age 11 and 12 for Westminster, Md. where their father owned a candy store. Their brother Anastasios joined them in 1918.Peter made a subsequent visit in 1936 to attend an AHEPA convention and see his parents in Kythera. There he met my mother, Maria Petrohilos (mathiopoula, from Hora,and they married and returned to Hagerstown, Md.He owned the Keystone Restaurant which he had opened in 1932. I was born in 1943, my sister Georgia in 1946. Peter died in 1946. Maria died in 1988.
We attended the Kytherian events in Baltimore and New York City. Mother stayed in close contact with Kytherian friends and family. She took us to Kythera for the first time in 1963. We now have a little home in Hora, which we visit annually.


Gary Conomos - Dakabin, Australia

I am an Australian born member of the Megaloconomos family. My grandfather migrated to Australia in the early 1900s and owned businesses in Charleville and Stanthorpe before returning to Kythera with his partner Augusta, daughter Ruby and son Michael. My grandmother returned to Australia pregnant with my father Peter. In the 1950s my uncle and my father's step brother Michael arrived in Australia and they had a business partnership operating a milk bar in Nundah, Brisbane. Michael and his wife Freda returned to Agia Pelagia in the 1970s. I was fortunate to be able to travel to Kythera in 1972 and meet my grandfather. My father followed in 1973 and met his father for the first time. Although my family is very Australian and I speak no Greek I have a great interest in learning more about my roots. I intend to travel to Kythera again soon. In the meantime I would love to correspond with any Kytherians who would be able to share their stories of Kythera and perhaps my Greek family.


Michael Levonis - Gold Coast

My wife Julie and I visited Kythera in September 2003 for the first time. We stayed with Rereka Stratigou in Milopotomos (a first cousin to my mother on the Freeleagus side). It impressed me so much that I felt regret at not having made the effort to visit Kythera earlier in my life. My father is Denis Levonis (son of Menas and Caliope Levounis(Toowoomba)) and mother Despina (daughter of Dimitri and Anastacia Freeleagus (Brisbane)).


Pauline (Politimi) Miroulis - Mamaroneck, New York

Father:Theodore Hlampeas born 1888.Potamos, d.1975 Parents Stavros & Politimi(Tsigounis)
Mother:Antigone Faros born 1905 Karavas,d.1989
Parents Panayiotis and Eleni (Skekou). In 1905, Dad migrated to Sydney where he opened a chocolate-making store on King Street. Returning to Kythera in 1911 and served in the Balkan Wars '12-'13.Finally, he migrated to New York in 1918 where he owned a restaurant for 20 yrs. On a visit in 1929, he married my mother. I have one brother Steven and married a Greek from Bucharest.
we have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. I have had an on-going love affair with the Island since my first visit in 1955 and again 1999. I attend the New York Kytherian Society events, especially the Feast of The Myrtidiotissa every year. What a wonderful website! Any possible relatives with the above surnames would love to hear from you. I have many relatives in Australia and hope to travel there soon.


Timothy Comino - Brisbane Australia

I am the grandson of Theo who left land to his sons and daughters in Australia. Theo opened cafes and picture theatres up the Australian east coast, Bellingen, Inverall and settled in Merriwa with the picture theatre and cafe. Brother Andy opened threatre and cafe in nearby Scone.
Theo died in mid-late 90's and left land to his family in Australia.
This land has apparently been 'acquired' by others in Kythera. I have more details but can anyone confirm the assertion that acquiring a family entitlement on Kythera is virtually impossible unless you are Greek and live on the island ? I want a piece of my families heritage that I believe I am entited to. Thank you. All enquiries welcome.
T. Comino


david russell - manhattan nyc usa

lost contact with Sia poulos old friends from Malaysia


Maria Lynch - Sydney Australia

I am first, second, and third generation kytherian. I was born in Australia, to Peter and Helen Magiros. Peter(Panagiotis) Magiros was born in Drymonas and Helen Magiros (nee Vlandis) is the daughter of Spiro and Amy Vlandis Spiro is from Kalokerines. I have four brothers, Spiro, Harry, Anthony, and James. I am Married to Peter Lynch (Agapitakis). He was born in Australia, his mother Diana Lynch (nee Tsaoucis) is from Viarathika and Karavas. I have a four year old son named William (Vassilis) named after his half Kasteloresian grandfather Bill Lynch, and also have a three year old daughter named Amanda (Thiamanda) named after her Kytherian grandmother. I have been to Kythera many times. I attended school there when I was six years old in 1980 at Martasakia school outside Kalokerines. The school is now a winery. I have living relatives in Kythera. My Aunty Gloria Veneris who also lives in Drymonas who is my father's sister. I have an Uncle Tony Magiros who is the local real estate agent on the island who lives in Kapsali, he is my dad's brother. I have a first cousin, Irene Travassaros, who is Deputy Mayor of Kythera, who is married to Andreas Travassaros of Travassaryianika, who has two sons Yiorgos and Yianni after both grandfather's. I also have a first cousin that was born in Greece, lived most his life in Australia and is now living back there named Ross Magiros after our grandfather the late Father Spiros Magiros of Drymonas, who was a priest at agia Elesa for over thirty years and that is where my parents met each other. I also have many more aunts uncles and cousins in Kythera. My children have even been to kythera, when they were three months old and sixteen months old. I hope to further visit kythera many many more times in my life.


Paul Marselos - Gisborne.New Zealand

My grand father Peter Marselos left Kythera in 1913,moving to Cessnock N.S.W.Australia.


John Dorbis - Australia

My mothers family (my grandparents)originated from Aroniadika. My grandfather Dimitri (James)Aroney was married to Stamatia & they came from Aroniathika - immigrating to Australia. They had Kos, Maria, Efracini, & Steven - living on the eastern coast of Australia. Look forward to piecing together more of my family history, Thanks for the great site and opportunity to investigate my origins.


Takis Kalokerinos - Patras Greece

As far as I know, my grandfather Panagiotis Kalokerinos left Kythyra for Smyrma probably around 1870-80 (or his father was already there earlier), with his father Giorgo Kalokerinos and his mother Maria Louvari. Other members were the brothers and sisters: Petros (who died in Smyrna), Miltiades(who married to Sophia Katsarou), Konstadinos (who died in Patras in 1960), Giannis (married to Pari ... died in Thessaloniki in 1950),Eugenia (married to Dimitri Louloudi)and Irine (married to Niko Papadopoulos). The brother of the grand-grandfather Giorgo was Nikos Kalokerinos. My grandfather Panagiotis and grand mother Trifillia Foskolou married in Smyrma gave bith to 10 children (8 of them, among them my father Antonis were born in Smyrma before 1922).
Do you have any information about the original family in Kythera???
Looking forward to hearing something relevant to my request.
Thank you in advance.
Takis kalokerinos


Gary Smith - Albuquerque USA

My Papou, Ioannis Kritharis came to the U.S. before 1896, eventually settling in Miami, Arizona in 1912. My YaYa came from Pireaus.

I visited Kythera in November 2004 and fell in love with it. We found my mother's first cousin, Marouli Faro in Karavas. She is a beautiful woman living in a beautiful corner of the world! The people living on Kythera are among the best!

I am an amateur photographer, that has had the privilege of having professional photographers for friends and clients. I have been taught some nice techniques by them.


Christine Stratigos - Brisbane

My older brother Stephen has already put an entry here (8.9.2003). We also have another brother Peter who also lives in Queensland just north of Brisbane. I went to Kythera in 1991 and met some of our relatives, which was very exciting for me. Our father Stephen Cyril (1914-1989) was the third child of Peter (Panayiotis)Stratigos who came to Australia in the early 1900s. He and his wife Ada's other two children were Anthony John (1908-1992) and Irene Francis (b. 1911).


anastasios kritharis - Sydney. Australia

Looking for info on the Kritharis family from Platea Ammos


Peter Makarthis - Inverell Australia

Congratulations to Spiro Notaras of Grafton NSW Australia for his contribution on 'Australia All Over' broadcast from Grafton on ABC radio today. His story of his father providing the Peters Icecream with the recipe and his provision for timber for the longest table were a highlight of the progamme hosted by the longtime presenter Ian McNamara.
The Notaras family have been associated with cafes, theatres and the timber industry in Grafton for three generations and have made a substantial contribution to the well being of the town and district.
Peter and Deanna McCarthy


Tony Kassapakis - Australia

I am not a indigenous Tsirigoti or Kytherian. My parents were born in Greece on the island of Crete.My father's mother was born in Cappadocia in Asia Minor in 1908. Her mother's father was Nikolaos Notaras. Hence the Kytherian connection or rather Notara blood line which lead me to Angelo Notaras from Sydney. Credit to Cousin Angelo and his team who have dedicated their hearts and minds to this web site. My great grandmother's sister is still alive at 94 and living in Sydney. She is one of the last original rare and unique generation of Notaras survivors!

I am researching about the Notaras connection from Constantinople to Neapolis(Nevsehir)in Cessaria - present day Turkey interior. If any one has any information about the Notaras name or connection from this part of Asia Minor please email me your contact details.

A movie should be made similar to the present one called "A Touch of Spice". All proceeds should go to the Estia Foundation and to all similar foundations to help people who need special help.We must all promote Greek culture just like our ancestors. Your heritage my father said is something no one can ever take away from you!

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you all and bravo Cousin Angelo and the Notaras families all over the world and to Kytherians who in fact promote Greekness all over the world!

One should never deny their descendants their cultural heritage!


Tony(Adonis) Kassapakis BA LLB



My family is from Cerigo. Leftheris/Psaros.
Also, my grandfather, Nicholas P. Leftheris married Fotini Kuvaraki after the death of his first wife, Stamatoula Psaros. Fotini was from Mani and had a sister named Irene. I am very interested in any infomation on the Kuvaraki family also.





Barbara Zantiotis - Sydney, Australia

Congratulations on a great website! My parents are Stephen and Kyrani (Anna) Zantiotis. My mother's parents were Peter and Barbara Anastasopoulos from Perlegianika. Barbara died in her late 20's when my mum was 2 and Peter married Efrosini Castrisios. My dad's parents were Peter and Ekaterini (nee Moulos) Zantiotis. They came to Sydney in the 1920's and lived in Weston before settling in Dapto. I was amazed to see a photo of my dad's father's brothers on here - Ernie and George!


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