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theodoros megalokonomos - Belmore,Sydney,NSW




Peter Aroney's Grand daughter Aroney - Tulloch - Sydney


my grand father came from Kythera when he was young and now he is helping me to learn about Greece. I came on this site and I think it is really good.


Alphonse van der Reep - Holland


Untill we went to Kythira for our 2006 holliday, we'd never heard of the island. Through Ross-Travel Holland we have discovered it as an unfogettible experience of Greece. Quite a difference from Rhodos or all the other welknown touristic islands. We loved the tranquillity, the nature, the mountains, waterfalls, people, beaches and weather. The walks all over the island, decribed by Frank van Weerde (host of a Dutch travel-agency who's living in the village of Potamos) were a real surprise. A small island and so much to offer. We loved our stay and surely will come back.


vaggelis batsinilas - brisbane


hi im from logothetianika kythera mi dad was was born im kthera from patra batsinilas and geroge batsing my yaya and papau my other yaya and papo are from christoforainika


Michael Samios - Brisbane Queensland


I haven't been on the site for a while. I want to add the new addition to my family Emmanuel Samios born on 4th november 2004.


Anna Comino - Athens - Greece


Father: Peter Comino born in Rockhampton Qld Parents Angelo Comino (Rousos) Anna Koveou from Amorgos. Mother: Dina Bratsalis born in Fatsadika Kythera Parents Yiannis Bratsalis (Mavreas) from Fatsadika Kythera Maria Lekaniti from Athens


Pothety "Toula" SOFIOS - CHICAGO USA


My father (Theodore) was from Logothetianika and my mother (Kirone)Stratigos was born in the US and raised on Mylopotamos. Cousins are Poteres & Stratigos (Strategos). This web site is a great idea. Want to design a family tree. Would appreciate your help. Cousin in the US is interested too (Strategos).

Satomi Logothetis - Brisbane/Australia


I'm married to a wonderful man of Greek/English heritage. His grandparents were Kytherians. I feel previliged to have the Kytherian family name by marriage. Although I have no Greek/Kytherian heritage at all, I feel like a part of the Kytherian family and wish to visit Kythera and meet my husband's relatives and friends and all Kytherians. Impressive and lovely meeting site on the net.


Hilde winkelmann - germany


hello! I have been to Kythera nearly 25 years ago. I visited Dieter Wolf and his wife up in the hills of agia P. Is it somehow possible to get in contact with him, because I want to go to Kythera in 2006? Thanks to all who can help me!!


Vicki Leondarakis Drakopoulou - Lagonissi, Greece


Congratulations on this excellent web site. My father, Nicolaos Leondarakis, was born in Fratsia in 1906. Every visit to Kythera only makes us want to stay longer. The feeling of complete peace and joy when in Kythera is magnified with every trip. The natural beauty of Kythera and the generosity and hospitality of the Kytherians makes one want to live there forever. We may do this some day. Your web site is a wonderful example of an island that cares for its natives and the strong desire to keep the ties with familes strong.


Judi Marselos - Scottsdale, USA


My father was Symarna, Greece. My father Costondino Marselos came to America in 1916.


Lisa Viaros - Orange Park, Florida USA


My father is Angelo John Viaros, my uncle, Menas John name is Lisa Viaros Hoffman and my grandparents are John Viaros and Christhante Castrisious/Viaros...


John Mallos - Washington, DC


John Mallos, Son of Thomas, Grandson of Nick, Great grandson of John


Kristen Oates - Erowal Bay, Australia


Thanks for the info on the Kytherians of Gilgandra NSW. I grew up in the town and have fond and vivid memories of the ABC Cafe, the Monterey and the fruit shop all aparently owned by Katherians and all a part of my soul... Thanks for the rich input to my sence of self.


Theo Cassimatis - Australia


My wife Helen, and two daughters lived in Agia Pelagia where we owned a kafenio, I was born in Karava and my wife who's maiden name is Comino was born in Australia.. GREAT SITE

Anna Cassimatis - Australia


My Father was born in Karava. My sister, mother, father and I lived in Agia Pelagia where we owned a restaurant back in 1986.
KYTHERA - is very much in our hearts.


Marie Savvakis (nee Kastrissios) - Brisbane, Australia


See my bother Kos' entry below.


Wilma ALLEX - Austria


Hi, I have spent the winter in the north of Kithira and many times I have been to Zaglanikianika. Although it was almost uninhabited and abandoned it put a spell on me.


Vaggeli Contoleon - Brisbane Australia


I myself am only 16 years old, but my family originates from Perlegianika and we still have a house there that my yiayia stays in every year when she goes to greece and which we stay in when we go. My grandfather was Emmanuel Comninos, my grandmother is Gregoria Comninos, my mother is their eldest daughter Vasiliki and she has two sisters, Maria and Stella. their "paratsoukli" is Panayioteli. My father, Emmanuel, is also Kytherian and comes from the Contoleon family of Viaradika, he is the youngest of 13 siblings and his parents were Maria and Vaggeli Contoleon, our families "paratsoukli" is Markos. Of my fathers family, i still have 10 aunties and uncles, although sadly 2 have passed away. Most came to make a life in Australia as my father did, but 3 aunties and 1 uncle stayed behind in Greece and still live there now. If you know Kouli, the butcher in Potamo, his wife, Koula, is my first cousin. I am proud of the fact that I am able to speak Greek unlike many of the Greek youth of my generation and would greatly enjoy being able to live and work in Greece. While i cherish my links to Australia, pistevo oti i elatha einai i patritha mou.


Alexandra Malanos - Australia


This is a great site! So important to be able to record so many stories and memories from one of the best cultures in the world.


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