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Newsletter Archive

Our Past Newsletters:
Each month we send out a newsletter with articles and entries regarding Kythera. You can view our previous newsletters below.

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15129:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 26.02.2008

October 2005

A Tragic Letter from 1936
From: Athena (Tzortzo)Poulos To: Olympia Tzortzopoulos.

Goulburn, 27th March, 1936

Dearest Mother,
greetings, I kiss you for Panayiotis and the children, and I hope my letter finds you all in good health.

I believe my loving mother that you have heard of the tragic death of your Dimitri - my husband. It is very sad mother, one for you, and one hundred ...

15128:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 26.02.2008

September 2005

Dear Friends of Kythera,

the programmers of the website have just sent me a statistic which I previously never thought to ask for. It seems that, since the launching of the site a little over 2 years ago, 1,374,081 pages have been viewed on the site. That's right, over 1.3 million pages. That's a lot of information about Kythera being viewed all over the world. I wonder if it helped give Kythera its best ever tourist season in living memory this year? We certainly ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 26.02.2008

July/August 2005

Dear Friends of Kythera,

have you taken a close look at your parents' or grandparents' photo album recently? Can you name almost everyone in each of the photos in the album? Do you think your children will be able to as well? And their children? Perhaps, like me, you can't name many people in your grandparents' or even your parents' wedding photos. Who were those people who were close to our ancestors? Did they play with us when we were children? Did they give one of our parents' their ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.02.2008

June 2005

Two Years of!
As the site enters it’s third year online it’s success is self-evident: 6400 entries to date submitted by more than 500 members of the world-wide Kytherian community. About 1000 pages are now being viewed each day by Kythera-lovers all over the world and hundreds of people have literally discovered their roots through the site. Each week a dozen newcomers register on the site which enables them to also submit from their own family heritage collection. ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.02.2008

May 2005

Letter from Kythera
Recent Entries

Dear Friends of Kythera,

we've had a solid response to our announcement in the last newsletter of our "Discover Your Roots Day" on Kythera in August. So far 35 enthusiastic Diaspora Kytherians - from the US, England, continental Europe and of course Australia - have registered. For those of your who missed the last newsletter, the day will not only be a series of lectures in English ...

15046:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.02.2008

April 2005

1. Newsletter
2. Karavitiko Competition
3. Wonderful Recent Entries

Dear Friends of Kythera,

I'm pleased to announce that the first official "Discover your Roots" day is to be held on Saturday the 13th of August, 2005. A single day event in the capital of Kythera, Hora, it will allow many avid fans of and of course Kythera itself to finally meet each other and swap family and island information. Some ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.02.2008

March 2005

Dear Friends of Kythera,

after a long winter hibernation the sounds of birds have returned and I in-turn have found time to send out our newsletter for the first time since November.

Our planned "Discover your Kytherian Roots" event on Kythera will unfortunately have to be postponed. The response to the program and costs in the last newsletter weren't sufficient to make it viable. We will work on the concept an present it anew when ready.

Since ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.02.2008

January February 2005

From the Message Board

To give you some idea of the way website can help young people keep in touch with their roots and indeed find distant relatives, here is a recent entry from the Message Board section of the site:

Souris/Coroneos/Panaretos/Trifillis Families
submitted by Dean Trearchis on 05.01.2005
“Hi, my name is Peter Trearchis and I am the 14 year old son of Dean Trearchis who has posted things here before.

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

December 2004 Newsletter December 2004

1. Newsletter Introduction
2. Letter from Kythera by Robin Tzannes
3. Kythera Cultural Tour Holiday
4. Pick of the site
5. Interview with a Champion
6. Kytherian Survey Results

.._ _ _..._ _ _....._ _ _..._ _ _....._ _ _..._ _ _...

Dear Friends of Kythera, has been visible to the world for a year and a half now, but I still get mails ...

15041:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

November 2004

Natural and Cultural Kytherian History

We are proud to have two Kytherian institutions represented on our site: the Kythera Cultural Association (KCA) and The Kythera Museum of Natural History (KMNH). Both are headed by enthusiastic Kythera-lovers who also happen to be great writers: Robin Tzannes of the KMNH should already be known to you as the author of our regular “Letter from Kythera” which appears below. And John Stathatos of the KCA has sent us a report about the ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

October 2004

Migration Conference on Kythera
The administration team of was invited to give a lecture at the International Conference on Kytherian Migration, which was held in Hora in mid-September. I was given the honour of representing our website and was pleased to see so many local non-academic Kytherians as well as the academic elite attending the lectures. Our presentation illustrated the attraction of the site not just to “Kythera-lovers” but also to private and academic ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

September 2004

Canada Ahoy
“The Globe” is a leading national newspaper in Canada, and in August an article appeared in it called “Ancient modern Greece” by Chris Koentges from Calgary, whose maternal grandfather just happened to be a “Kypriades” from Karavas who also lived in Miles in Queensland. Kythera gets more than a mention in the article:

“Last year, they (the Kytherians - ed) organized a virtual island; part oral history, part scrapbook, part postmodern atlas, all ...

15038:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

August 2004

contents of this month's newsletter:
1. Introduction
2. Letter from Kythera
3. Thanking our sponsors
4. Some site statistics
5. Email of the month
6. Entry of the month
7. Frequently asked questions

Dear Friends of Kythera,

as a special newsletter to celebrate's first birthday, this month's newsletter comes to you directly from the island, written by Robin Tzannes, the curator of our website's ...

15037:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

July 2004

Kytherian Trees
I received an email in June from Telemachos Combis in Athens. It contained a computer file which is perhaps the most important single entry yet destined for the our website. Realising its complexity and pricelessness, I sent it onto some of the most gifted software engineers in Europe who also happen to be the programmers of They had to modify the website so it could successfully import the file, which contained English and Greek characters. After ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

June 2004

International Recognition
There has been only one song on the lips of’s own George “Webmaster” Poulos this month: “New York New York”. Strangely enough it all began in Vienna. At the beginning of May the winners of one of the major international website competitions “Prix Ars Electronica” were announced in Vienna, and shared 4th place in the Community category. 4th place isn’t bad when you are up again thousands of other websites ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

May 2004

Full Steam Ahead
At the time of writing we are quickly approaching the 2000th entry on the website, an increase of more than 500 since last month. Family trees, modern landscapes, nicknames and general history entries have been flooding in, and regular visitors to the site will have been hard pressed to keep up with all the wonderful new submissions. But there’s no rush, because the website isn’t meant to ever (!) go off-line, nor will entries become too old ...

15034:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

April 2004

The Kytherian Family Tree
The most ambitious and technically difficult part of the website is at last online: the family tree section. Up until the middle of the last century, Kytherians predominantly married Kytherians, even after they emigrated. Just one family tree going back a few generations probably includes relatives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of us, so just imagine what a wealth of family knowledge will be at all of our disposal when the dozens of Kytherian family trees ...

15033:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

March 2004

Dear Friends of Kythera,

since our presentation in January the website team has had to catch up with our “real jobs” and have been pleased to see that the website is capable of expanding without assistance.

In fact, there have been some exceptional submissions since the last report, including the one which fills the opposite column of this article. As I have already mentioned in a previous article, Rowan Parkes is our collator on the island. She collects material ...

15032:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

January/February 2004

Dear Friends of Kythera,

our presentation evening on the 14th of January was a great gathering of Kytherians young and old, as well as a few “xeni” who were interested to see the most enthusiastic group of ex-islanders in the country and the website which they have helped make so successful. According to a leading member of the Castellorizian community, who was also in attendance, the Castellorizian Club auditorium had never been so full, and the conservative estimate was an audience ...

15030:Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 01.02.2008

December 2003

Dear Friends of Kythera,

In January in Sydney we'll be making our first live presentation of the, with Kytherian music, drinks, mezethes and an in-depth lecture about the site, its humble origins and boundless future. The website task-force led by Angelo Notaras, George Poulos and I will be there to answer all questions and we look forward to seeing you, your friends and relatives and all who are interested in the heritage of the island of Kythera. It will be ...