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submitted by George Poulos on 05.06.2004

Logotypes - Logo's - and non-religious iconology as art - the Astarti trademark

One of my fields of interest and expertise is in the area of non-religious iconology and iconography - vexillology, (flags) heraldry, and logo-types.

Superior iconography displays the following characteristics:

i) it's impact transcends the immediate impact of the "mark" or "sign" chosen to represent it.
ii) it is simple in its design. (Uncluttered - not "noisy".)
iii) It distills a complex concept/product/institution/corporation/message into a singular ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 19.05.2004

Panagiotis Protopsaltis at work in his studio

Panagiotis Protopsaltis at work in his studio.

As Panagiotis states in the People, subsection - High Achievers entry:

"I was born in Athens in 1945 and even though my father came from Potamos in Kythera, I have never been there myself unfortunately. I left Greece in 1961 for England where among other things like studing Philosophy and English Literature, I stumbled upon painting which was to become my true passion."

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submitted by George Poulos on 19.05.2004

Gogol and Propapou 2003, Panagiotis Protopsaltis

Gogol and Propapou 2003.

By, Panagiotis Protopsaltis.

Oil on canvas, 186 x 156 cm's.

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submitted by George Poulos on 19.05.2004

Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW, Australia - site of Panagiotis Protopsaltis exhibition, 3 June - 13 June, 2004

5 Comber Street,
Paddington NSW 2021

Telephone : (02) 9360 5728
Facsimile : (02) 9331 5518
Email :
Website :

Gallery hours :
Tuesday to Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday 12:00am to 4:00pm

Gallery Profile:

Situated in a Paddington ...

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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 08.05.2004

James Fardoulys

Blue Roses (Betty the Barmaid) by James Fardoulys 1964

James Nick Fardoulis, 1900 Potamos – 1975 Brisbane, landed 1914 and went to Warwick to join his uncle, Mick Charles Catsoulis. He also spent some time in Bellingen, Tamworth and Stanthorpe prior to he and his brother Stathis following Catsoulis to Goondiwindi in 1916. They subsequently bought the business, but around 1922/23 James seems to have split from Stathis and taken the road to Southport to acquire Jack Cos Aroney’s ...